Riding Solo: How to be Your Best Date

After ending a six year relationship, it was definitely an adjustment period for me. For the past six years I had gotten used to doing everything with someone. I had to get myself used to going on fun dates alone. I had to reprogram my mind to single status. There was always that self-consciousness that I would look lonely to other. There were times when I missed having a companion, I mean what person doesn’t like hug and affection? When I learned to do things with myself, I realized how much fun dates could be. No one knows you better than you so it makes sense that you would take yourself on some of the most amazing dates. Here are some suggestions on how to date yourself:

Take yourself on a fancy dinner date. Get dressed up and find the best restaurant in town. You can order anything you like because remember you only have to pay for one person. Yourself. You might even be able to finally have dessert after your meal, if there’s room.

Go to the movies by yourself. You’ll never have to compromise and settle for the action movie over the romantic comedy that he doesn’t want to see because it’s a chick movie. You can see both if you want because you’re only paying for one person.

Find a nice spot in the bookstore or park, pack some of your favorite snacks and have a book date with yourself. With work and other obligations occupying your time, who has the time or the energy for leisure reading that doesn’t usually end in you falling asleep after reading the first sentence? Make time and finally get through that book you’ve been “meaning” to read.

There’s nothing like a rush of adrenaline to release those happy chemicals. Join a gym and focus on feeling good. Try that free Zumba trial at your gym or sign up for swimming lessons. When you feel good, it radiates from the inside out.

Treat yourself to an expensive gift like that handbag you’ve been eyeing for months. You deserve it.

Remember, just because you are alone, doesn’t mean you are lonely. Have fun with yourself. You don’t have to worry about getting stood up, your date being late, or the nervousness of trying to make a great first impression. Redefine what it means to date.

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