{Beauty Routine:} LOC Method for the Skin

Natural hair forums and blogs have been buzzing with the L.O.C method which stands for leave-in conditioner, oil and cream. It is the layering of products to ensure that your hair is retaining moisture. For the hair, you would start this routine by applying a water-based leave in conditioner followed by an oil such as coconut or olive to help lock in the moisture. The last step is applying a heavy cream based moisturizer to help further seal in the nutrients and moisture for your hair to combat dryness that could lead to breakage.

I thought about how this same method could be applied to our skincare routine to help combat this harsh dry and cold winter. Have you ever found yourself going through bottles and bottles of lotions and creams to help with dry and ashy skin to still find yourself dry and ashy? Want your skin to glow and not look dull against these gloomy winters? Trying the LOC method for my body has proven to work wonders on my skin and last for a couple of days.

My routine starts with a warm shower to cleanse the skin of excess oils and dirt. This is also an opportunity to exfoliate dead skin so that it doesn’t start to flake once dried. Be sure that if you towel dry to gently pat your skin dry. Apply an oil, I prefer coconut oil to skin that is still damp to lock in the moisture from the heat and water. Once applied and skin is a little less wet, apply a heavy cream moisturizer such as cocoa butter or shea butter to skin to seal it all in. Not only will you have soft skin for a couple of days, but it will also be shiny and not ashy or dry.

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