Self-Care Essentials to Get You Through The Rest of the Week

Ahhh…yes it’s Wednesday or as some of you call it, Hump Day. You’ve somehow made it over the mountain of work that you have been buried under and are slowly making your way into a relaxing weekend, but you can’t help but feel drained or exhausted and left wondering how in the world are you going to make it through Thursday and Friday?

As women on the go, we often neglect our well-being and more importantly our mental health. Every now and then it is important for us to tune into ourselves and listen to the messages our body is sending us whether it’s fatigue or stress. Self-care is extremely important to our sanity, so whenever you feel yourself slipping into the clouds of misery and tiredness think of these self-care essentials:

Do Less. Seriously, learning to say “no” was the best thing that’s happened to me as I learned to grow up and be an adult. People will do and demand as much as you allow them to, so learning to say no can be the very thing that stands in between your sanity and diving into the ditch of insanity. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, no matter how little the task may seem, take a minute and work on it in even smaller portions.

Sleep. As someone working a job and building a brand as an entrepreneur, I tend to lose out on a lot of sleep. You never really know how important sleep is until you find yourself irritable over every little thing and person that you interact with. Lack of sleep affects your whole mood. It’ll have you angry, and stress at the wrong things. Getting more sleep makes you energized and it boost your mood as well as productivity.

Exercise. No matter how you do it, stay active. Whether it’s dancing, walking more, or simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Exercising helps to release those happy chemicals we call endorphins and also helps to relieve stress. Going a few rounds on the punching bag can most certainly help with releasing anger or give you the adrenaline rush that you need to stay effective for the remainder of the week.

Quiet Time. In the midst of all the chaos that you have to deal with learn to tune out and tap into your quiet place. My quiet place happens to be my room. No music, no television. Just thoughts. Think about everything that’s got you down and release it. Release it through writing, painting, drawing, yoga, etc. Just release it. Allow it to cease to exist in that moment.

Warm bath. Sinking into a tub of warm water and bath salts literally feels as though your washing off the drama of the week. It’s refreshing and relaxes everything, mind, body and soul. Make it more relaxing by throwing on some relaxing tunes. I always turn to my Corinne Bailey Rae albums.

Wine. What’s a girl to do without her wine? It is written in the bible of Cosmopolitan that it is a sin for us women to not indulge in at least a glass a day (just kidding). But seriously, whether you’re an avid wino or tea drinker, both are very relaxing beverages. Wine always gives you just enough buzz to put you in a relaxing state. Tea on the other hand warms your body from head to toe allowing your muscles and mind to relax.

Netflix. Every now and then I let Netflix sink me into a black hole cut off from the outside world. Finding a good series or several movies on Netflix and making a day out of it is sometimes just the relaxation that we need to take our minds off reality. Unless you’re a documentary junkie.

Remember that 2015 is a year of self-care and sometimes choosing self is the most selfless thing you can do.


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