Why I Have a Hard Time Forgiving

Shonda ain’t here for the foolishness and neither am I. What do Don Imus, Paula Deen, In Touch Weekly and Donald Sterling have in common? Each of these forementioned people thought it to be okay to go on national public radio or television to make a racist comment. More recently Giuliana Rancic and her comment about Zendaya Coleman sporting a faux loc look at the 2015 Oscar Awards. zendaya and guiliana

Back in 2007, Don Imus thought it was okay to call the Women’s Basketball team players “Nappy headed hoes” and later “hardcore hoes” this caused major uproar as it should have and Imus was fired from his CBS talk show that he hosted for nearly thirty years. His remark went without apology or remorse.

Southern belle Paula Deen made several racial slurs against black men when describing her wish for a pre-Civil War themed wedding where black men would be dressed as servants. Deen has admitted to using the N-word and making anti-semetic remarks. After the reign of terror came down on her she went on public television and gave us a tearful apology and claimed she isn’t a racist and would never say anything bad against the African american race.

The Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling faced investigation in 2014 and was later removed by the NBA for making racial comments about blacks being allowed to basketball games. Donald Sterling who was in a relationship with a black woman told her not to bring her black friends to the games and to stop posting African Americans on her Instagram account.

In 2014, In Touch Weekly compared Solange’s afro to that of a Yorkie Poo in their “Double Creatures” column for allegedly “rocking the same hairstyle.”


More recently Fashion Police’s Giuliana Rancic during her Oscar’s commentary went out on a limb that wasn’t sturdy enough and said that Zendaya Coleman looked like she smelled like patchouli oil and weed because she sported a faux loc hairstyle. She then later issued a public apology for her comment.

Here’s why I have a hard time forgiving things like this:

You retracted your statement and apologized for it, but can you retract or apologize to the several people you affect who are sitting in front of the television taking in everything you’re saying? Can you apologize to the teens or impressionable people who deal with self-hate on a regular?

The beauty of black women is a century old battle that we still haven’t gotten over. We are tackling women’s self-esteem and self-love on generation at a time and comments like that just reveal how people really feel towards us? This is why it is important for us as women to be positive role models so that when situations like this occur, our youth respond and react in such as way that Zendaya did. She was very mature and dropped some knowledge and history for an ignorant Giuliana. This is the level of strength and maturity we need to teach our young girls, but until then a simple apology won’t heal the wombs or retract the memory of the words left. I’m sure I’m not the only one who rolled their eyes at the public apology issued by Giuliana.

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