What Building A Brand Has Taught Me So Far

In entrepreneurship, you will learn that building a brand, business or anything of your own is a 24 hour, around the clock hustle. There are no days off. You work whenever you want, however you get as much as you put in. Being a creative, writing a book and building a brand means several sleepless nights, networking, and money spent to earn. You have to constantly be on the lookout for relevant networking events to help you build an audience of followers and supports. Marketing requires dedication and constant investing. Building a brand is an investment, as like investments they grow more and more as you continue to cultivate it. If you don’t put anything into your craft or business you won’t get anything in return. No results.

It is also important to know that building a brand isn’t going to happen overnight. Some are fortunate to get their big break quick when connecting with the right people at the right time, however for others it could take months and sometimes even years before you start to see the results of your labor.


Work/Life Balance is Important. For many of us millennials, we can admit that we aren’t yet in the position to where we are fully living the dream. Some of us have part time jobs or full time jobs with other companies in order to help us pay for our own businesses and brands. Maintaining a job while working your 24 hustle can be draining if you don’t have a properly balanced life. If you devote all of your time to work, you’ll begin to slack on building your own brand or if you devote all of your time into building your brand, you slack at work and face termination. I had to learn to be content with where I was working my part time job that had nothing to do with what I am passionate about. On the brightside, I realized I could use the money to put more into building my brand. I could use the network and support from my coworkers to start building my audience. Working part time allowed me to earn money during the day and work on my brand during the night. I had created an equal balance of work and life. Of course there were some sacrifices I had to make in order to create that balance.

Sometimes you have to walk the road alone. There are going to be people who don’t believe in your dreams because they aren’t their dreams to believe in. Makes sense. Sometimes their lens can’t reach as far as yours and its okay to do it on your own.

It’s important to have a team (when necessary) who will do the work. As stated before, everyone isn’t going to see your vision or have the same passion that you do, but if you must build a team make sure that if anything they are up for the responsibilities that come with building a brand. It is an exhausting process, but when the burn out comes you need people on your team who will pick up the slack and help you because that’s what they’re there for right?

Sometimes you have to let people go. Sharing the responsibilities definitely makes things a lot easier, but when there is someone on your team who isn’t contributing then they are as good as gone. You are as weak as your weakest link, cliché but true. The amount of time you spend keeping that person on their toes could be energy spent doing something a lot more productive.

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