Four Types of Exes You’ll Deal With Before 30

Let’s be real, break ups are rarely mutual. Someone always ends up blindsided, hurt and left to pick up the pieces of their life. When that happens, there is a strong possibility that you may run into a bit of a sticky situation with your Ex. So beware of these types of Exes.

The Bitter One. Some of our exes seem to get stuck somewhere along the grieving process where they cannot figure out how to cope or channel their emotions into something more productive. This usually leads to bitterness and the feeling of anger towards you and ALL women for that matter. When we are stuck in our emotions, sometimes we forget how old we are and can handle things in a very immature way such as emotional and angry subliminal messages via social media sites, talking about you in a negative way to mutual friends and his family. The best way for you to handle situations like that is to simply not entertain it. The goal is to get a reaction out of you, don’t do it. It is as simple as a block button or report button on all your accounts. If friends approach you telling you about what he is doing, simply brush it off and let them know that you are not bothered by it. You are moving on and cannot be burdened by his juvenile shenanigans.


The One Who Doesn’t Seem To Understand What a Break-Up Is. It is bad enough, that you had to muster up the courage to break away from a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere, but to now have to deal with an Ex who seemed to miss the memo is another boatload of issues. He still calls you as if nothing happened, sends you multiple text messages throughout the day checking up on you, continues to ask you out on dates, and tries to find reasons to spend time with you. In situations like this, be delicate even though I know you are beyond frustrated. Breaking up requires a period of adjustment, someone who you are used to having around is no longer there a day later and it is a difficult process to cope with. Continue to let him down easy. He will eventually get the picture once he sees that you have moved on.

The Emotional One. In addition to dealing with your own emotional battles post break up, you now have to deal with an emotional Ex calling you asking you “What went wrong?” or “How can I fix it, I just want to be with you!” At first, your initial reaction may be to feel sorry and give them another chance, but remember, to focus on why you broke up with him in the first place and stand firm in your decision. Going back would only make you miserable in the end and would let him know that you don’t mean what you say, so whatever went wrong is bound to happen again.

The Stalker. You just got off work about two hours later than usual and by the time you get home, you are beyond exhausted, but your Ex has showed up at your place and has been sitting on your steps for the past two hours waiting for you to get home. It’s Sunday and he shows up at your church and sits next to you. What do you do? Depending on how severe this stalking is I would say a restraining order. However, if it isn’t that serious, tell him that he is being ridiculous and offer more clarity and a definition on what a break up is and why you decided to end things. If all else fails, the police always know how to offer a comforting intervention.

Remember that break ups are never easy. If they were there would be less anger in the world and people would be happier with being single. Just remember that there is a lesson to be learned in every situation. You have left a relationship with a clear sense of what you want and what you don’t want in a partner, you have realized that there were some things in your life that were missing that you want to accomplish. Set a vision and go with it!

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