Case of the Big Bad Boss

For those of you that work for companies and organization, you might have found yourself in this situation on several occasions where you worked under the leadership of someone who made you question how they got hired in the first place. You might even find yourself in a corner where you aren’t happy, but feel you can’t do anything about it. There are several different types of horrible bosses we tend to encounter.

There’s the boss who loves to just delegate, even when that means pushing their duties onto their employees. This is the type of boss who just takes up valuable company space and collect paychecks in the process. You might feel yourself overwhelmed with work and even completing tasks that aren’t apart of your job description.

The “Miranda Priestly” boss. No matter how much you do, nothing ever seems good enough. There is never an opportunity for a compliment from this type of boss. They always tell you to do better even when you’ve completed your task in excellence. They drain the life force out of you.

The inexperienced boss. This is someone who has been with the company or organization for years and has somehow worked their way into a leadership position without any leadership experience. Simply put, they don’t know how to be a boss. BUT because they are your boss, you might not feel like you can go to anyone to express your concerns. It can be very stressful and creates an unhealthy work environment. All hope is not lost, here are some things that you can do to manage a horrible boss.

First starters, you can cover your own ass by making sure that you’re doing everything that you’re supposed to be doing and correctly. If possible, scan and email all of your work to yourself to leave a paper trail. Paper trails are important especially when you have a boss that likes to delegate their task to you.

Be observant and make mental and written notes on your bad boss’s behavior. Documentation is very important especially when it comes to filing a complaint. Be very specific and give dates when necessary.

It is important to build a strong work relationship with human resources as your company or organization. They essentially work for you. When you are having employee/er problems they are the ones you go to with complaints. If your company is small enough ask, your human resource representative to start a mini file for you to keep record of any complaints or written notes you have against your boss. Don’t worry, they are required to keep everything you send them confidential unless stated otherwise by you.

Report them. In order to do this, it is important that you have a relationship with your human resource office and it is also important that you have detailed and consistent documentation of everything that lead up to you filing this complaint. You human resources is required to take the action that you want.

Remember that your health is far more important though. If your workplace is causing you added and unnecessary stress it’s time to start looking for other options. Remember there is always someone higher up on the ladder than your boss whom they need to answer to, so if you aren’t getting the results necessary there are people other than your boss you can reach out to.

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