18 Awkward Girl Thoughts During Sex

For an awkward girl, the only way to survive a completely awkward situation is to talk ourselves through it, even if that means talking to ourselves, in our heads where no one else can hear it. We’ve all found ourselves in some pretty good AND bad sexual situations where talking and thinking our way through it was our only means to survive the night (maybe not that extreme), but after surveying a bunch of women, we’ve come up with some pretty hilarious thoughts that awkward women tend to think during that time.

“Well, that was quick.” 

“I have so much slob around my face. His kisses are terrible.” 

“Um…should I tell him he’s in the wrong place?”

“Wow, that’s pretty small.”

“This might hurt.”

“Can this just be over?”


“I’m bored.”

“Is it in yet?”

“Oh man, I’m sweating too much!” 

“Am I making sexy faces or ugly faces?” 

“Do I smell?”

“Is my stomach too big?” 

“Am I heavy?” 

“Did I just pee a little?” 

“Please don’t fart…please don’t fart…”

“Eww, he’s really sweaty.” 

“How do I ask him to leave?”

“Why is this bed so squeaky?”

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