Superfood Alert: Matcha (Put that SH*T In Everything)

The health benefits of green tea have dated back centuries to proving it’s cancer fighting abilities, but imagine a leaf with the same components of green tea times a million. Let me introduce to you: MATCHA.

What is Matcha? 

Matcha is a form of green tea leaf finely grounded into a powder. It’s most associated with it’s beautiful green color and is often used in several Japanese foods as a natural dye as well as tea shops.


Health Benefits

There are several health benefits to Matcha, benefits even stronger than regular green tea. Imagine that? I drink at least three cups of tea a day, and I was impressed by the versatility of this superfood.

  • Because Matcha is highly concentrated, it is loaded with antioxidants that keep your skin looking young and glowing.
  • Matcha contains 60 percent of the antioxidant catechin that has rapid and strong cancer fighting properties.
  • Matcha contains the natural chemical, L-Theanine which promotes the production of alpha waves in the brain that induce relaxation.
  • It enhances moods, improves memory and promotes better concentration due to releasing dopamine and serotonin throughout the body.
  • Matcha also boosts energy levels and endurance.

So, do I just drink it?

Because Matcha is a fine powder, you can literally mix it and put in everything especially if you’re a baking queen like I am. After research, I’ve found some recipes that you might enjoy.


1. Matchamisu by Oh, How Civilized


2. Matcha Cupcakes by Tiny Urban Kitchen


3. Mango Matcha Smoothie by The Roasted Root


4. Matcha Ice Cream by Just One Cookbook

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