Four Vibrant Yogis of Color You Should Be Following

The practice of yoga has been around for centuries and comes with many wonderful health benefits, the most obvious being improving flexibility. Yoga has been credited with improving depression due to the surge in serotonin levels which are our happy chemicals. Yoga helps you focus and helps relax your system when stressed. Learning how to do something as simple as sitting Indian style and practicing breathing exercises is a form of yoga. With the practice of yoga becoming more prevalent in the communities of color as a holistic alternative to modern medicinal practices, here are four young, vibrant yogis you should be following:

1. Sanaa {Lady Dork}: when she’s not studying for her doctorate in environmental engineering, this young yogi can be found striking a pose in any setting. Sanaa began her yoga journey in 2013 and has become one of the most sought after on the East Coast with a following of over 45K fitdorks as she calls them.

Sanaa aka Lady Dork IG: @ladydork
Sanaa aka LadyDork IG: @ladydork

2. Yoga Racheal: Having started her journey at age six as a gymnast, Racheal began to lose interest in the sport. Being flexible, she became influenced by yoga in 2012 and has been practicing since hosting workshops in the DC area.

Yoga Racheal,, IG: @yogaracheal
Yoga Racheal,, IG: @yogaracheal

3. Lauren Ash of BlackGirlInOm {BGIO}: “Where were black women of color in my yoga classes? Why was it so hard to find a therapist who looked like me? And even at a “progressive” health care center for women, in the diverse, enormous city of Chicago, why was there no acupuncturist of color?” These were the questions that propelled Lauren to begin her holistic journey to being a yoga instructor and holistic well being coach in 2014.

Lauren Ash of BlackGirlInOm,, IG: @blackgirlinom
Lauren Ash of BlackGirlInOm,, IG: @blackgirlinom

4. Chelsea Jackson of Chelsea Loves Yoga: Chelsea conducts trainings for yoga instructors and classroom teachers at local yoga studios, community centers, and schools and continues to contribute research findings to educational journals and contemporary publications.

Chelsea Jackson,, IG: @chelsealovesyoga
Chelsea Jackson,, IG: @chelsealovesyoga

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