#BBHMM: Freelancer Problems

In an industry so competitive, freelance is said to definitely be the way to go when trying to get your foot in the door and your work recognized. There are several rewards to freelancing, for example you can work remotely and for several different companies at the same time which means double the income. It also means more opportunities to network. Working as a freelancer also allows your work to reach to proper channels without all the middle man stuff. If i’m a regular contributor for Ebony or Essence or Madame Noire then I can directly pitch and submit articles without having to send an email to the general account and wait months for a response. Some people actually make a career out of being a a freelancer and it actually sustains their lifestyles. From freelancing some transition into careers as consultants where they are hired under contract to complete a specific project. Freelancing isn’t just limited to being a writer, you can be a freelance art assistant, freelance graphic designer, freelance digital media journalist and the list goes on. Even though these are some great upsides, there are also some financial downsides.

As a freelancer, the company that you are on contract for is not required to give you employee benefits because even though you are an employee, you are pay per work, so in order to make a career out of freelancing you HAVE to stay in constant work which is also another downside. Some companies tend to over hire contributors, staff writers, and freelancers so that there is a steady flow of work so you really have to get in when you get in. Which can of course play with your money. If you are required to pitch three articles a week, that doesn’t mean they will except all three or publish all three which means you wont get paid for all three.

Payments as a freelancer can be tricky as well. Some will pay you the standard bi-weekly along with their constant employees, but others will pay you a monthly accumulation of what you worked and some times that means taking nearly an entire month to receive that actual payment. In order to decrease the amount of weeks it takes for you receive your money I suggest doing direct deposit or setting up a PayPal account. Paper checks are so outdated.

The struggles of getting paid as a freelancer give #BBHMM a whole new meaning.



  1. #BBHMM indeed! (I had to look that up LOL). What a perfect gif to drive home your point. I work fulltime right now and am soooo sloooow to transition into freelancing. I’m certainly not afraid of hard work, but I’m almost terrified where to even start. Do you have any advice for a newbie? Thanks :)!!!


    1. Thank you for reading. Blogging is definitely a great start. Depending on what type of freelancing you would like to do I would blog about that particular area. I always point people into the direction of Ed2010.com; MediaBistro.com and the Freelancer’s Union because they always have great opportunities for people interested in freelancing.


  2. I have never heard of those sites. Thank you so much, Dej! I will definitely give those a look. I have lots of professional experience in education (ex-teacher here) but I am *so* burnt out on teaching, I’d rather find another niche. I’m hoping that will come with time. Thanks again! ❤ –Annie


  3. I’ve tried to venture into the freelancing world a little bit recently and felt a little defeated when I felt like I put myself out there and saw no results. I admit that I am extremely impatient so that can be a lot of the problem but I guess I am wondering how to build up the courage and resolve to put yourself out there? Where do you begin? What sites? And what words of advice would you offer to people without a professional portfolio? How do you pitch yourself when you predominantly have experience of just writing for yourself and about yourself? Do any of my questions make sense? Lol, anyway, any help will be awesome!


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