Product Review | Julep Nail Polish

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{Left to Right}: Shelly, Vicki, Flora

The first time I used a nail polish by Julep, I was interning in the beauty department at Shape Magazine and was preparing for my college graduation. Every so often my editor would clean out the fashion and beauty closet and would allow staff and interns to take whatever we wanted, of course being in the middle of a nail polish addiction I raided the polish bins and came across a mustard yellow that went perfectly with my graduation dress and shoes.
More recently, I subscribed to Julep’s Maven box and got three new colors to add to my collection. I used it for the first time in three years and I remember why I liked their colors and brand so much.

First, Julep does not animal test and does not contain harmful chemicals. This is literally an organic nail polish. It goes on smooth and had a creamy finish. In a rush to an interview this morning I realized my nails look horrible and needed to be trimmed and painted. In a haze, I completely forgot a base coat. In the past when I’ve painted my nails with a pastel, it never came out with a clean finish if I didn’t use a coated base color, but it wasn’t even necessary with this polish. Just two coats and a clear top coat. I was completely happy with the hard candy finish that I got and it dried really quick, so I was out the door and on time for my interview.

I must warn that Julep polishes come in smaller portion bottles, so you may be wondering that this isn’t going to last long, but the polish is so full that you don’t need a lot. Even though it’s a small bottle, it will last just as long as Essie or any other brand.

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