Get Your Finances in Check with these Three Financialistas!

We are halfway through 2015 and for some of us we have found several ways to balance our finances and to keep our bank accounts in check with the hope of a summer full of travel and adventure, but for some you find yourselves scrambling to save your pennies, living paycheck to paycheck and can’t seem to find a balance between your expenses and the social activities you want attend. You constantly have to sit out on any fun events and activities with friends because you had to pay a big bill or a late fee. It sucks when you make plans with your money only to find an overdraft took half of it because with a pending balance to your account you mis-budgeted your funds

One thing that I’ve noticed however is that there are more black women and men stepping up and taking their lives back from the debt that trapped them. There is a financially fit movement sweeping across our young generation. If you find yourself needing a beginners class or some 101 help on where to begin here are three women at your service.

Marsha Barnes CEO/Founder of The Finance Bar

Marsha Barnes is a certified financial educator with over 12 years of experience. She founded The Finance Bar as a way to provide financial support and help to young women, couples and adults. The Finance Bar is a mobile bus that offers face to face and virtual consultations as well as instructional session. There’s even a mobile app that is completely free for Apple.

Interior of the Finance Bar mobile bus

The Finance Bar mobile offers a Member Club to women that includes Monthly Expert Guidance, Forums, Networking opportunities, accountability, challenges, discounted services such as one on one consultations.


Where fashion meets finance Carrie Pink has branded herself as your go to woman if you’re the type who loves to splurge on Louboutins, take trips to Paris and live the luxurious life WITHOUT breaking the bank. Carrie offers a Budget Bootcamp that enables her clients to save close to $12,000 a year. She offers a service Shopholic Anonymous where she helps you track the areas that you splurge on the most, she taps into your closets and helps you make and save some money by selling items that are no longer needed.

CP_homepage_picCarrie offers services such a free consultation, budget reviews using printables and templates on her site, coaching sessions, shopping trips to help you make wiser decisions as well as yard/wardrobe sales where the proceeds go directly into your savings. Carrie teaches that you don’t have to be an old, greasy accountant with a bland life in order to make smart choices. You can still have fun while spending, you just have to be smart about it.

Tiffany-AlicheTiffany Aliche aka The Budgetnista can be seen on Good Morning America, in Essence Magazine, and a plethora of other media platforms sharing her expertise on smart budgeting and money management. She was smart enough to learn the importance of budgeting and saving at a very young age when she like any typical kid wanted a bike.

Services that Tiffany offers range from keynote speaking, financial literacy series for all ages, college planning and even lesson plans and curricula for schools and educational institutions. Tiffany is an award winner who has dedicated her time to educating all ages on being financially smart.

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