Picnic/Festival Essentials for the Summer!!

Picnic and festival season is upon us! With CurlFest2015 coming up in the next two weeks among other outdoorsy fun, my girls and I have brainstormed a list of essentials that every festival enthusiast should not leave at home.

1. Throw Blanket

2012-08-30-10-31-14-amFor when you and your girls are basking in the sun and soaking up some vitamin D for you glowing melanin and don’t want grass or dirt stains on your new sundress.

2. Statement Sunnies

all_largeFor when you and your girls want to bask in the sun, but protect your eyes. Or simply when you want to scope out all the fine men, without being seen. Either way, make a statement with a pair of bold sunnies.

3. Snacks

Chips, dips, fruit, sandwiches, and waters are definitely something you should pack to avoid spending crazy money on concession or vendor foods. Packing light some of your favorite snacks to share can turn closed off girl’s day into a small meet and greet. Who doesn’t want to make a few connects at a fun festival?

4. Fruli

1382775066iBeer is an acquired taste for some, but you can’t go wrong with an iced cold six pack to take along on any festival. If you don’t like the taste of regular beer and don’t want any of the hard stuff, trying alternatives like Cider, and Fruli Strawberry ale will definitely make all the difference.

5. Sun Screen


While trying to get that golden glow from soaking in the sun, make sure you are also protecting your skin from harmful cancers and burns. Yes, women of color too can get sun burns and skin cancer.

6. A Pillow

0000347_bohemian-pillow-cover-tribal-scandinavian-tribal-throw-indian-geometric-pattern-cushion-cover-nordicFor when you’re laying down and need something soft on your head.

I’ll be at CurlFest this month with my girls! How do you and your girls prepare for music festivals, picnics,and outdoors activities?


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