Finding a Fresh Face Regimen that Works For You | Spring/Summer

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Clockwise L to R: Botanics Mattifying Cleansing Mousse; The Body Shop Blue Corn Deep Cleansing Mask; Lush Mask of Magnamity Face and Back Mask; Botanics Hydrating Day Cream with SPF 15

Since puberty hit at the age 9, my biggest battle has been acne on my face, shoulders and back. I could never understand how does acne happen to your shoulder and back. Anyhow, as I’ve gotten older, I realized that eating greasy, junk foods and soda are all myths in terms of having a direct affect on acne. However, I did learn that these things can affect hormone balance and the chemical make up of your body which is what leads to acne and other health problems. I learned that it was very important to be cognizant of the products that I used, and also the food that I consumed. Eating healthy and using natural products helped clear up my skin significantly as an adult.

I also learned that my Fall/Winter routine is extremely different from my Spring/Summer routine. I’ve become a bit of a product junky, but in the winter I used more heavier creams and face scrubs. With the transitioning weather I think I’ve finally found a regimen that works with the humidity and harsh sun of spring and summer.

I was in Walgreen’s when I realized I needed a face cleanser that wasn’t a scrub. Something gentle for my skin and a friend recommended Botanics line to me. I was a little skeptical because for the past couple of years I’ve only been using Lush products for my skin and raw Shea butter. I didn’t want to use something that would make me have a breakout because then that meant more acne scars. So taking a risk I decided to try Botanics Mattifying Cleansing Mousse. It’s been a few days and so far no break outs and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smelling great. The reason why I chose this product is because it is plant-based and contains willow bark which is good for clarifying and removing excess oils.

I started using The Body Shop’s Blue Corn Deep Cleansing Mask because it gently exfoliates and polishes the skin. It’s two main ingredients are blue corn powder which give the exfoliating properties. The corn powder is finely grated to get into the pores and really cleanses black heads and white heads. The second ingredient is Kaolin clay which has anti-inflammatory abilities.

I use Lush’s Mask of Magnamity as a spot treatment rather than an entire mask. It contains peppermint, kaolin and adzuki beans to give the exfoliating abilities. I don’t use this and the Blue corn mask at the same time. This is for when I have a cystic type of acne mark that I want to get rid of. The peppermint opens up the pores while the kaolin lifts dirt and oils from the skin. The adzuki beans help to scrub away dead skin. Beware though that too much exfoliating isn’t good for the skin because it could potentially remove or damage the outer layer of skin which is the most protective layer. I suggest getting a gentle cleanser and limiting exfoliating to once a week or bi-weekly.

For someone with oily and dry skin like mine, it’s usually hard for me to find a moisturizer that doesn’t leave my face looking like a glow worm. Some days my face will be so oily that I would moisturize, but then it’ll result in me having both oily and flaky skin, especially in my T-zone. For me I need a moisturizer that is light and contains as little oils as possible. Botanics Hydrating Day Cream leaves my face feeling smooth, but not too oily. It’s very light and not a heavy cream. It also contains a sunscreen that protects skin from sun marks and discoloration of acne scars.

My skin is as healthiest as it’s ever been, because I have a better understanding of how my body works. It is also important to change your face regimen on a seasonal basis. What works in the winter might not work during those hot months. Considering a healthy diet will also help you maintain a fresh face from the inside out.

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