Fashion Chat with Tia J & Ashley M of Trixi’s Closet

Tia J and Ashley M
1. Explain your brand Trixi’s Closet. 
Trixi’s Closet is a brand for the young and sexy on a budget! Trixi’s Closet offers a variety of affordable prices for the young college student or the young professional. Trixi’s Closet also offers a lot of celebrity inspired pieces for reasonable prices!
2. What made you decide to start your brand? 

Tia wanted to wean herself from excessive shopping, she had the idea to start shopping for other people and to make money while doing so. She pitched the idea to Ashley, who was thrilled and believed in her vision, so together they formed the partnership to bring Trixi’s Closet to life. Trixi’s Closet captures trending pieces and sells them in an affordable way to enhance any look. Both girls are confident that accessorizing your looks with a go-getter attitude are sure to gain positive reception worldwide.


3. How has shopping for other’s allowed you to be more conscious of your own spending? 
Yes, shopping for others have definitely helped control spending. I think it fulfills that void of spending on yourself! LOL 🙂
4. You have unique pieces in your lookbook. What is one fashion tip/advice you would share with someone trying to create their own identity through fashion? 
The one thing that I would recommend in someone trying to create their own identify is to be YOURSELF! Don’t worry about what others are saying or if they will accept you! Well- behaved people rarely make history right ? 🙂
5. What’s one of your most popular pieces?
The “Gypsy” Hoops are definitely our most popular item on the site! Everyone loves those hoops! We have people that buy multiple pairs at a time! We always have people asking about them!
6. How is Trixi’s Closet for every woman? 
Trixi’s Closet is for everyone because no matter young or old we have something that you’ll love! We like to carry a variety of different items and pieces for everyone.
If you are interested in shopping for more of Trixi’s Closet pieces, check out their online boutique at

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