Dear MTV, You Missed Me with “White People”

MTV is set to debut a documentary titled White People on July 22, to encourage white millennials to think about what it means to be white in America and white privilege. While most people are already ranting and upset that such a documentary even exist, the irony is that it is being directed and produced by Jose Antonio Vargas who is allegedly an illegal immigrant and activist. I do believe that it is a well intended documentary, but it definitely takes away from the plight of black people in America. It goes back to the idea that white people always have to make everything about them, but in this case it isn’t a white person at all. Just based on the MTV trailer, here is why I have a problem with White People:

CJawtsZVAAA41ZaWith each generation as a black woman, we HAVE to teach the next to internalize or at least be aware of what white people have done in America because not only is it a part of our history, it is also a part of our reality. Of course, white people don’t want to internalize what white people have done in this country in terms of racism and white privilege. Who wants to remember the bad? While they fight to forget, we must work to keep each generation aware. Of course you don’t have to internalize it because you haven’t lived it nor will you ever.

CJawtfkUMAAWLPf*rolls eyes* until you’ve been followed around a store because someone thought you were gonna steal, until you’ve had a white person pull their child close to them as you walked by; until you’ve had to deal with harassment due to “ethnic” features….please…


Yeah? Cool story bro. Unfortunately for us people of color it’s something that we have to talk about every single day.

While the hopes of Vargas is for some of the participants to truly see the impact their race has on America where is the solution if there is any? What exactly are these white millennials going to do to about the awareness they are supposed to gain from this documentary? Of course I haven’t seen the documentary as it hasn’t debuted yet, but I will certainly be tuning in.

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