September Goals & Theme Song | Focus

As we usher out a fun and festival filled carefree summer, we find ourselves preparing for longer work days, first day of school for some which includes migrating and travelling. We clean house and start getting rid of any remnant of summer such as clothes and decor and prepare for the beauty that Autumn brings like layered shirt, sweater combinations, riding boots, fancy scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, and the changing leaves. It got me to thinking about restructuring, organizing and zoning in and focusing on the transition that’s also taking place in my life and I’ve set some goals to help me along the process.


Healthy Lifestyle Goals:

  1. Commit to at least three days a week at the gym (taking advantage of alumni deals at my old university’s gym.
  2. Dance class on Tuesdays and Sundays
  3. Set a sleep routine for optimal energy
  4. Meet my daily water intake needs
  5. Cut back on red meats (find healthy protein alternatives)

Career Goals:

  1. Finish teen fiction by September 31st
  2. Research book agents
  3. Hire design team to brainstorm creative book ideas
  4. Start offering marketing services (set price list)
  5. Website redesign and relaunch

As I transition into the career that I want, my theme for this month is focus. Focusing on the two most important factors of my life. Good health and career stability. I’m creating simple habits for a happier, more energized and productive life starting with September’s goals. At this point accountability is what’s going to keep me going, which is why I’m so glad that I have some amazing women backing me and who will keep me on point no matter what type of tantrums I throw. Procrastination will have no affect on me this Fall.

This month’s theme song is brought to you by Sesame Street & Janelle Monae’s “Power of Yet” such an empowering song for children AND adults as well. It’s about determination, focus, and never giving up!

What are some goals that you’ve set for this month and how do you plan on holding yourself accountable?


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