The Perils of Wanderlust Dej | No. 2 The Perfect Meal

There are certain things in our lives, no matter the length of time that passes, that we will never forget. Our best Christmas as a kid because we got so many toys; our first crush, the perfect meal. Maybe it’s because I’m greedy, but I remember the most perfect meal as if I just ate it yesterday. It was the summer of 2014, I was in love and it was a beautiful day. I was living downtown Newark at the time with easy access to NYC, so one Saturday I decided to take the PATH train to Christopher Street and do my usual wandering. I ended up at Eataly on 5th Avenue. I had heard so much about it especially since they had their own Nutella factory on the inside. They also had a plethora of restaurants and eateries inside as well as groceries. Italian being my favorite I stopped by their Italian section and decided to stay for an early dinner. I was on my own and decided to make a solo date, because when was the last time I treated myself?

I remember I had my own bottle of wine, fresh baguette with dipping oil and a delicious bowl of tagliatelle with lamb ragu. I still remember the taste, how happy I was that day and how special I made myself feel. It was the perfect meal and I really want to go back, but with someone. Experiencing romance is something like the perfect meal. You never forget it regardless of how things ended.

phonto (4)

I first experienced romance like that when I was still in high school. I’ll just call him MS for now, but I never really got over him in a way because I always found myself holding everyone who came after him to his standard. Even though I was only seventeen, the simple things mattered a great deal to me. Ice cream dates after track practice, movie dates after school, long walks across college campuses and parks talking. Cafe dates. You never forget those things when it was the first time someone showed you what it really meant to care in a loving way.

I never thought I would experience that again until last year when I met someone who changed my world. Literally. I experienced that perfect meal once more and it seemed that the taste was better than before. Things didn’t end the way I had hoped, but I’ll never forget the experience. Our brains have a funny way of recalling some of the most random memories like that time I choked in front of my church during my Easter recital (haha), the good laughs my college roommate and I had singing karaoke in our undies to Neyo, and the perfect meal that I had in the summer of 2014 much like the perfect romance.

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