5 Things Women Would Appreciate if Men Didn’t Do

Have you ever met a guy who you decided to build relations with and everything was going good until he did that ONE thing or said that ONE comment that just put you all the way off? Yeah, me too. Sometimes I really wish I could get insight into the way men’s minds operate. What goes through their minds when they do some of the things they do and more importantly why did they think what they did was okay? I mean this post with all seriousness, but of course there’s some humor in it because I know as you read along you’ll find yourself laughing because you’ve been there too.

  1. The Dick Pic.

This is FIRST on my list because there is nothing more unappealing than an unexpected and unwanted picture of your junk. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-penis or anything, but leave something for the imagination. We appreciate a good imprint in gray sweat pants, or work trousers, but to just blatantly send it without warning is over the top. Please don’t do that.

2. Netflix & Chill

Seriously, this whole Netflix & Chill is getting out of hand now. It’s taking away the effort for men to think they actually have to date us. Like sure we get that money is tight sometimes, some days you’re too tired to brainstorm date ideas, and you just want to stay in and relax with some company, but if Netflix and Chill is your immediate go to way of “bonding” and getting to know someone, you can just do that alone OR how about you treat Netflix and Chill in the literal sense. Don’t take that as a way to get frisky. I mean think about it. We are in an unfamiliar place with you which happens to be a place of comfort for you, do you think you’re helping the matter by feeling us up and making us feel uncomfortable? Just find a good movie, order some takeout and let’s literally chill. However, we would appreciate some effort.

Because I just can't...
Because I just can’t…

3. Going with the Flow

To me, going with the flow is another way of saying, I don’t know yet and I hate not knowing at some point. I like a man with a plan and who knows what he wants and who can articulate that to me so that I have a clear understanding. We would appreciate some clarity fellas. I had a friend once tell me that most men aren’t upfront with women because they feel we can’t handle it. I explained to him that it’s worst to be strung along. If you don’t want her then just let her go. If you can’t make up your mind right now, then let her be with a man that can. Take the L bruh. Enjoying the moments are completely different from going with the flow.

4. The “D”

If you are a grown man over the age of 20, you should not be referring to your penis as “The D” as if it’s some sort of life saving superhero. Grow up. It just sounds so childish. Much like grown men who haven’t learned how to invest in good quality cologne (AXE, Tag and Old Spice sprays do NOT count). We would appreciate if you just stuck to the basics on this one, but “The D,” just…no…

5. Leave Us Hanging

So we know that for some men it might be a tad bit difficult to use your big boy adult words when it comes to communication, but something has got to give. Going days, weeks without staying in contact with the women you’re dating is unacceptable. There is no excuse to justify it either. With all this technology around us nowadays it’s virtually impossible to lose touch with someone. Don’t make a plan and then constantly cancel or postpone on us. Us ladies would really appreciate some consistency. If for some reason you wake up one day and realize you’re way in over your head and aren’t ready for this woman, by all means a phone call or in-person chat would be nice. Don’t allow her to float on with false thoughts. Like I said, if you don’t know…move out the way so a man that does know can.

They say men are from Mars and it makes sense considering the lack of oxygen the planet has and the fact that it’s full of gas. Much like the lack of oxygen in your thick skulls preventing logic from happening and the fact that so many of you are just full of it. Fellas, sometimes we just don’t know how to deal with some of the things you do, so we would appreciate it if you just didn’t do it.


  1. Amen to all of these!!! Guys in my age range (37-42) that try those shenanigans are especially sad and pathetic. I know as I type this, I am jinxing myself, but… I’ve started, so there’s no turning back now – I’ve NEVER received a dick pic. I’m pleased as punch about that, btw! LOL


  2. 1. I once had a guy send me a dick pic AS I sat next to him in the car. That was in high school. Ugh. (lmao)
    2. You know damn well you don’t have Netflix, so don’t even.
    3. Going with the flow is so early 2000s, boy bye.
    4. It just sounds like “dun dun duuuuun” is suppose to comer after “The D”. Should us ladies start saying “The P”?
    5. It’s the BIGGEST cop out ever! It’s so ridiculous when they do that ESPECIALLY when they have the read receipt on!

    I really enjoyed the post lol!


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