BEATHEAD BABE: Reassurance | SPZRKT ft. Elhae


It’s Monday, the sleep I had was terrible and it’s a little brick in the Brick City…I also haven’t had my Monday Morning dosage of caffeine yet either, so I’m a bit moody. Rather than play something upbeat, I decided to keep it mellow for all you commuters. There something about dark and gloom that motivates productivity in my life during the week, but on weekends I am in full feline mode. I’ve decided to start my week in a calm and serene way because I believe it will set the tone for the rest of my week. I’m usually start my Mondays with something upbeat and dance worthy. Don’t worry this is still groove worthy. I mean you won’t break a sweat or anything, but you’ll feel the music in a different way.

I’ve been a SPZRKT (Spazzy Rocket) fan for years now. I love how he experiments with different sounds and his many collaboration with artists such as Sango, and Elhae. This song in particular happens to feature Elhae. The feeling I get is really calming. It’s the perfect blend of melody and vocals from both SPZRKT and Elhae. This was actually my first time hearing Elhae and his voice is amazing in this song! This song is from his “Bonfire” album released a year ago. I encourage you to give the album a listen.

So while I do plan on keeping my “CareFree Black Girl of the Week” post, I’ve decided to simply call my weekly music post, “BEATHEAD BABE” because I realize I do highlight more than just black female artist. I’m a beathead, so I have a deep love for all music and I would love to share that with you rather than marginalize myself to just black women.


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