National Coffee Day, Wanderlust Dej on Soundcloud | Spiritual, and Other Things…

I woke up this morning and tried something new. I have been working on a poetry project for the past year where I try to write at least one poem a day. My goal was to publish a poetry book, but I wondered what it would be like to work towards a mixtape instead of all my poems in spoken word form. So this morning, I got up, turned on some mellow instrumental (Jezebel by Sade) and picked the poem that spoke to me the most this morning.

I posted it on Twitter and got a lot of positive feedback from it. I guess I’m on to something good with this one. Anyway, Happy Tuesday everyone and don’t forget its National Coffee Day, if you’re into that kinda stuff. Stop by your local coffee shops, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks to see what kind of deals they have. Here’s an article published on Cosmopolitan with all the coffee hot spots today. I hope you enjoy my poem.

In other news, there’s literally one day left until October and I somehow managed to lose my bus pass. I can’t believe myself. Guess i’ll be walking to Newark Penn Station today which isn’t so bad considering it’s a beautiful day. Also, I am now a RocksBox “It Girl” and I will be partnering with them for the next three months to bring you style and accessories! More details to follow!

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