My Hotline Ain’t Blinging | Disconnecting 2 Reconnect

A few weeks ago I was blessed with a free phone from a Motorola PR event that I had the opportunity to attend in NYC and it was around the same time my iPhone was disconnect due to non-payment (the struggle) of my bill. For someone so socially connected I wondered how I was going to “stay in touch.” You never realize how much you rely on something until it isn’t there anymore. So for weeks I went without a phone service. My only loophole was wifi and all my friends having iPhone so I could still message them through iMessage and also FaceTime as long as I stayed in a wifi hotspot. I became a different type of savage after that. A wifi junkie. I had wifi at home, at work, I always made sure I asked waiters for the wifi code at restaurants and bars when I went and I spent most of my early mornings in Starbucks. It would be to the point where if friends wanted to go out I was a little reluctant if it was at a place that didn’t have a wifi signal.

Of course the savagery got boring after a while. Like I’m really sitting here charging a serviceless phone. So when I really disconnect for real this time you can imagine how much productivity increased. I started blogging more, deadlines were met well in advance, and I didn’t have guys I had given my number to hassling me. No more “can I come through” texts or dealing with bug a boos. The only difficulty was making business calls, and ordering Chinese takeout, but I survived it. However, as I was walking downtown I decided to reconnect with a completely different number. I’m no longer a 609 girl y’all!!!!


I realizes that this literal disconnect was a time for me to be without distractions, I got so wrapped up in my emotional loneliness that I was entertaining all of the wrong guys. I got rid of them and those unused numbers. I reconnected with a game plan and a tightened circle. To most I remain unreachable. It was a good purging. I am convinced that my life is in a place of positive transition and it all starts with letting go of remnants of the past.

This post is really about men and how at this point in my life I am over them. Nothing bad happened or I’m not hurting or anything it’s just one of those cases where you just can do without it. Like the spaghetti I’ve been eating on most of this week. I am over it. My hotline ain’t blinging no more on purpose unless it’s some business calls and some opened doors for opportunities. I realize I want something serious, but I’ve allowed myself to accept whatever. Most are still trying to get their ish together and have no clue what direction they’re going in and I used to think well maybe I’m in their lives for a reason, to help them as if I’m some type of savior. Now I’m like help yourself. I’m not a therapist, love doctor, or psychologist. I ain’t got the answers Sway!

I disconnected myself and reconnected with who I am again and I realized I need to get myself together too and when I’m in a good place he will most certainly find me. I gotta admit though, OkCupid is fun, but I can’t take it seriously. I’m old-fashioned in that way where I want to meet for coffee in a nice cafe and talk, go on fun dates and get to know one another. But, as I said I shall remain disconnect until I can reconnect with all the things I want. I know he’s out there and he’ll find me.


  1. Lol at the spaghetti comment. But sometimes it takes the unexpected to make us realize what we think we need so bad we can actually live without. When I didn’t have my laptop for a week I thought “how could technology be so cruel?” Then got it back and was like, I survived!


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