The Art of Staying In

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Fall is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. We all lose our minds waiting for pumpkin spice everything to surface from lattes, to muffins, Oreos, cakes, etc. We get excited for the Halloween specials on ABC Family like Charlie Brown, the horror and Halloween marathon on AMC or Spike TV. There are loads of Halloween themed events at the local bars, parties, costumes and you get to be a kid again for a short month. November brings the anticipation of Thanksgiving and the feeling of gratitude as we reflect and think on the things we are thankful for. For me, the season is a time for me to retreat. I hang up my party hat and just keep things simple. I enjoy the company of a few friends, I bake and cook more, write more, spend more time with my family and just slow down to relax.

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This weekend as Jersey and other surrounding states anxiously await this super storm Hurricane Joaquim I find myself glued to my bed binge-watching The Mindy Project. Seriously, if spirit animals came in human form she would be mine. Actually there are quite a few who would be my spirit animal, but Mindy she is IT. Her obsession with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movies, When Harry Met Sally. I swear I’ve watched those movies a million times in my lifetime and I still cry at their happy endings. I am love Mindy and I won’t even get into it, but her love life….


I purchased a slow cooker a couple of years ago and I’ve made some amazing soups, stews, and dips although there was the one time with the bean dip…didn’t turn out so well. So as I sit watching Mindy and her love shenanigans, I have some amazing vegetable stew simmering in my slow cooker loaded with carrots, fresh chopped spinach, celery, pearl onions, stewed tomatoes, corn, potatoes, etc. I literally threw a farmer’s market into a pot, but the aromas are amazing. I also believe I’ve overdosed on tea as well. I’m currently working on my 6th cup, but the best part of today is how cozy I feel. In the midst of all the dark and gloom and freezing wind outside, I am warm and content with today.

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I love a good night out exploring my city, and even a weekend away from home, but there’s an art that comes to staying in, torturing myself on Apartment Therapy dreaming about how I would decorate my next apartment, scouting food blogs for recipes and napping.


  1. I really enjoy staying in!!! It is relaxing that I have a hard time with. I want to clean, rearrange furniture, search the web everything but relax! Love this post!


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