Fellas, 10 Things We Notice About You

Fellas, just because we don’t cat call you or verbally harass you when you walk by us on the streets, don’t think we don’t see you. The thing with most women, we are more subtle about our glances, but trust me we see you boo. Whether we’re single or coupled these are some of the most definite things that we notice about you first hand, some of it is shallow, but if we are on our grown and sexy, you should be too.

  1. Shoes

great-mens-shoes-and-socksWhether a brogue, wingtip, oxford, loafer, boat shoe or sneakers, fellas we pay attention to your foot game. I believe there is a level of sophistication to a man who’s serious about his socks and shoes. You might be wondering why do women pay attention to such a small detail. For me it’s the small details that count. Now I’m not saying you have to be a shoe addict, but us women love a good shoe/sock combo. It lets us know you put some effort into what you put on your feet. Busted up shoes and sneakers are not the same as the distressed effect. If you are over 20 and don’t own at least one of the shoe classifications listed above, grow up. Thank you.

2. Outfit

prep-boys-men-style-black-african-american-fashionWhile we don’t expect you to look like a spread in GQ or a feature on Street Etiquette (we’d appreciate it though), we do expect you to know how to put yourself together nicely. It’s the first thing we notice before actually getting to know you. If you like your jeans sagging and shirts loose and baggy, then you’ll most likely get curved in 2015. I appreciate a man on his grown and sexy. Don’t get me wrong you don’t need to be the poster for Esquire. We love a man in a pair of grey sweats just as well.

3. Smile

Fellas, this should be self-explanatory. We are a sucker for a nice smile. You can commit the most outrageous crime, but a woman in love will fall for the nicest smile over and over again. Included in having a nice smile is also having nice teeth. I once knew a guy who had green and yellow teeth and I couldn’t help, but think, “Who would kiss that mouth?” I couldn’t help but think about all the germs and bacteria partying in that mouth. Fellas take care of your teeth and keep those teeth pearly and white.

4. Grooming

Can someone tell me where I can find this man in real life?
Can someone tell me where I can find this man in real life?

Just like Martin got on Pam about her beady beads, fellas we don’t want no peasy headed man. Keep it brushed, keep them waves poppin, if you have long hair keep it trimmed, keep them locs fresh. I’m a sucker for a beard, but if it’s matted or resembles pubic hair, that’s a problem. Good hygiene is always noticeable and a trim, shave or comb through goes a long way fellas.

If we see that you have really hairy arms and legs we are going to automatically assume other parts of you are equally if not more hairy and that’s kind of gross if it gets out of hand. So trust me, grooming is necessary. If you consider yourself the renaissance man and like the old-fashioned types of grooming check out The Art of Shaving and I always recommend Lush products.

5. Scent


Investing in a good quality cologne is like a chick magnet for real. When you walk past us or stand near us it’s the scent that lingers that’s either going to capture us or make us wish we were wearing a gas mask. I say this all the time, I don’t knock Axe, Tag or Old Spice, but it’s the male equivalent of Calgon, Victoria Secrets, and Bath and Body Works body sprays. They’re considered basic to me. Now investing in a good Burberry or Kenneth Cole cologne will have you smelling good all day. I remember I used to date a guy and whenever I would hug him his cologne would linger on my clothes and I would smell him on me all day. We love that fellas.

6. Ass

My friends and I are the worst. We actually check out guy’s butts. A man with a nice, firm, round butt is everything! I doubt I need to go on any further on this subject. Just know that we look…and we appreciate.

7. Back and 8. Arms


We appreciate a strong back fellas. It let’s us see how strong you are.

9. Depth of your voice

I think it’s a little off putting when you meet a man and he looks as if he has a deep voice, but when he opens his mouth up there’s no bass and he sounds like a prepubescent boy. Makes for an awkward situation.

I prefer a man with a lot of bass in his voice. Almost like a little Barry White, but without the old man, grandpa vibes. That would just be too creepy to handle.

10. Hands

Are his nails clean? Does he have that little dark line of dirt wedged inside his nails? Does his hands have a lot of scabs and bruises? Are his fingers straight or crooked? It’s so weird fellas, but women we notice this as well. Please take care of your hands. We don’t want germy, rough hands giving us back massages or coming anywhere near us for that matter. When we shake your hand we don’t want to run the risk of cutting ourselves on your chapped hands.


  1. looool Once I shook a guy’s hands and they were BABY SOFT. I was like….”have you ever done physical work in your life?” It was weird. He was super pale and studying to be a medical doctor, so maybe that is why his hands were so soft. He probably didn’t get out much :p


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