The Art of Staying In | Part Deux

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I’ve been nursing a quick cold for most of the weekend which has left me bedridden with achy bones and a sore throat. So in order to make the most of an unproductive day, I did what I always do. I started my day with a serious Netflix binge. I watched the entire first season of Jane the Virgin. I love shows that appeal to every emotion. Some of the characters made me angry, some happy and some were just annoying, but I managed to finish the entire season. Don’t you hate when you finish a series on Netflix and you just feel lost afterwards, like “now what?” That’s how I felt. Like now what am I supposed to do? You suddenly lose interest in Netflix for a bit. On to the next thing.

Remembering that time I went to Mamajuana's and indulged in an endless Dominican brunch buffet....TAKE ME BACK!!!
Remembering that time I went to Mamajuana’s and indulged in an endless Dominican brunch buffet….TAKE ME BACK!!!

When I’m sick I turn into a big lazy baby and even worse, I lose my appetite. So I spent most of the day nibbling on apple slices and drinking hot tea. It was all I could. I also like a greedy person spent the day fantasizing and googling recipes and things I couldn’t eat due to my sore throat. Everybody’s brunching today and I’m over here with my endless cups of tea and bland apple slices. Blah.

I have a love affair with Irish Breakfast Tea. I made this mug at Color Me Mine.
I have a love affair with Irish Breakfast Tea. I made this mug at Color Me Mine.

Blasting music is ALWAYS on my agenda. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of The Internet. My friend pointed out that I have a thing for women who look like pretty men. I do think Syd is cute and her voice is so unexpected which makes all the more better.My fave so far is Under Control.

When I’m not feeling well, I do things to boost my spirits. I like to take long showers and wash some of the sickness away. Even if that’s not really what’s happening, I like to believe the shower is cleansing my body and sickness. When you look good, you feel better. So I painted my nails. Did I ever mention I was a nail polish addict? Yeah, it’s bad. I have a monthly subscription to Julep. I get three news colors per month. You can imagine what my collection looks like.

Julep's Stardust Finish in "Sigourney"
Julep’s Stardust Finish in “Sigourney”

I decided to start on a drama I purchased last week at Words Independent Bookstore in Jersey City. So far it’s pretty interesting. Apparently the cashier told me there was a movie adaptation in the works.

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Someone said Sundays are a reminder that you have 24 hours to get yourself together. I beg to differ. Sundays are for lazy, unproductive chill days. I am in no rush to be reminded that work is tomorrow. Sundays are my sanity and learning to be okay with staying in is an art.

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