Beathead Babe: “Under Control” | The Internet

This song really speaks to where I’m at in my life. I’m currently chasing my dreams. I made the drastic decision to drop everything to pursue writing as a full-time career which left me seesawing between feeling empowered and scared as hell. This decision also came with a resignation letter, the decision to move back home, but something convicted me to do it. I would never forgive myself if I didn’t follow my dreams. There has been so much good and bad in my life that I believe I am strong enough to handle anything that comes by way. So this song allows me to identify with the impatience, the frustration, the anxiety that Syd felt.

“I woke up impatient and anxious/ chasing dreams in my sleep/ got me feeling like I made it/ then I wake up and see/frustration, craving for payment…”

“I can’t help, but feel like I’m wastin precious time in my life/ worrying about my behaviors, sometimes I think I’m too nice/ I know I’m destined for greatness, fuck a critic’s advice…”

“Under Control” is her reassuring herself and her band mates that everything is going to be okay. They are going to make it. I am confident that I am too. I woke up this morning with no desire to go to work. It’s just not where it’s at anymore, but I am going to keep pushing until the hourglass is empty. Happy Monday everyone.

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