What Your Fried Chicken Eating Style Says About You

It was Friday and I woke up feeling inspired, so I ditched work, and decided to have a fun day exploring the city. My wandering took me to Union Square where I was stuck at the pet adoption truck for almost an hour oogling over the puppies and kittens, to Barnes and Noble twice searching for somewhere to be productive and Sephora to splurge a little on new lippies. As I was walking down 5th Avenue, it literally dawned on me that I may actually be in some way and walking, living, breathing knock off the Carrie Bradshaw. I mean who just goes outside and wanders through the city in a evening wear pink satin skirt? I mean, I can’t afford Manolos, but I love a good loafer.


So it’s Friday night and I spend my evening at Duke’s Southern Table in Newark. I decided to dine solo (I’ve been doing that a lot lately) and relax to some of the live jazz tunes. I had my first hot toddy and I met a nice stranger who I shared an interesting conversation with on art, and media. We decided to place two orders for the fried chicken dinner. So as we’re eating and talking I realize we’re eating our chicken wings totally different. I’m getting all handsy and messy with my chicken. I’m ripping the chicken off the bone and dipping it into the hot sauce, I have crumbs and pieces of chicken skin stuck in my nails. As we’re talking and laughing and eating, I notice she is eating her chicken wings with a fork and knife and I think “Who eats chicken wings with a fork and knife?” I mean chicken breast and thighs I get, but how do you even steady a small chicken wing to be cut with a knife? Maybe I’m thinking too much into it or the hot toddy is kicking in and slowing things down a bit. I start to think about how our eating style says a lot about our personalities and lifestyle. I know you might be thinking, what the hell does eating fried chicken wings have to do with my lifestyle?! Bear with me. There are two types of chicken eaters: the hands on eater and the fork and knife eater.


The Hands On Eater

Other than the fact that I was hungry as hell, I am usually a handsy and messy eater. No matter what it is, how close I sit to the table or how slow I eat, I usually end up wearing some of my food. I eat my fried chicken with my hands. I break apart the wings as the crumbs scatter all over the place. My fingers are usually covered in grease and there are usually crumb particles stuck in my long nails at which I go through several napkins to clean my fingers. I found it interesting how my eating style summed up perfectly my personality and some of my notable traits. I am a little messy in a self-contained way. I am an extreme scatterbrain, it comes with being a creative person. I find peace and satisfaction in my messiness much to how my stomach found satisfaction to those chicken wings I was eating. Oddly enough I did end up wearing the chicken crumbs as evidence of what I was eating much as to how I wear my emotions on my face revealing what I’m feeling without even being asked.

The Fork and Knife Eater

We were given chicken…all wings. I watched as she stuck her fork inside a part of the wing and attempt to cut it with the knife. It all seemed so complicated, but so organized. There was a specific strategy of how she ate her chicken. In conversation she talked about her goals and the plans that she had for her and her daughter. It all seemed so organized, just how she ate her food. She cut into the wing part first and then into the bigger part. She spoke of her plans to buy a house in her native country of Nigeria and one here in the US, but certainly not in New Jersey. She talked about daycare and school options for her daughter. Of course we talked about our love lives, or lack thereof. She made sure to eat her wings in entirety before moving on to the next. Much as she explained her life.

I thought it was interesting how both being 25-year-old women with birthdays approaching we were completely different much like the way we ate our chicken. Now if I really wanted to get deep, I would discuss how well we cleaned our bones. Haha, but that’s an entirely different post.


  1. The moment I read Duke’s, I immediately thought of their AMAZING hush puppies with Honey Butter… But I digress. I am a hands on eater when it comes to chicken. And I will lick my fingers after… No shame in my game!!!


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