“The Gay Beards, Candles, Janel from Apartment Therapy & More…”

Jonathan & Brian
Jonathan & Brian

I do think having a gay best friend is thee most wonderful experience ever. I have two in my life and I love them to pieces. Like they keep me in tears (good laughter) and I always have a good time when I’m hanging with them. As I spent most of my Sunday glued to my bed, I found myself flipping between Instagram, Netflix and Youtube for anything that would make the day go by quicker and I met Jonathan and Brian also known as The Gay Beards on Instagram. They do all these cool and amazing things with their huge beards like decorate it with a ton of gold glitter or Christmas ornaments and pom poms. They have an amazing YouTube channel that I subscribed to and lost a couple of hours going through. They have talk segments where they show you how to decorate your beard like theirs, they share their beard oil and grooming secrets and my favorite one so far as The Boyfriend Application video. I’m sure we’ve all sat and thought about the type of significant other we would like to have and some of our ideas of the perfect guy only exist in what I like to call “WishfulThinkingLand.” Like seriously, can they be my friends too?!

Tasting Tables image
Tasting Tables image

Speaking of Christmas, I’ve become quite the holiday fanatic. I love any and everything that reminds me of the holiday season which will soon be approaching. I have a bulk of Pandora stations waiting to be listened to, hot chocolate and London Fog recipes, and I recently bought some Douglas Fir candles by Yankee Candles. The scent reminds me so much of Christmas because my mom always leaves it burning in the living room around the holidays. It also resembles the smell of a fresh, live Christmas tree.


Every morning as I scroll through my emails and there’s usually tons, mainly junk subscriptions I ended up with after entering sweepstakes to win things like trips and concert tickets, which I never do and I can always count on Janel from Apartment Therapy to take me to “WishfulThinkingLand” with some of the most amazing home decor and furniture ideas. She takes me to that place where I have my own brick interior loft apartment and a man to come home to with our dog, a dachshund named Doxie. Our apartment would be so cozy with warm and neutral colors and pops of bold accents throughout. Damn you Janel!! I have no idea who she is, but she curates some of the most amazing Apartment Therapy newsletters ever. My bestie and I actually have serious conversations about this newsletter that often leads us to fantasizing on Zillow of houses that cost about the same as our student loan debt.

These are some of the things I have been amusing over lately, but of course I couldn’t leave you without posting The Boyfriend Application video by The Gay Beards. I absolutely love them. I already said my husband would be a musician and a gourmet chef who was okay with me spending my days in coffee shops and bookstores writing. It’s only because I love music, I’m greedy as heck and I just want to write. That’s all. What are your boyfriend/girlfriend requirements?

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