The Art of Staying In, November Goals & The Robin

I think there is something so aesthetically pleasing about the first of the month beginning on a Sunday. It just makes everything even, complete. What better way to start a new month than closing old chapters in your life? I quit my job to pursue writing full-time and I can’t explain to you how free and burden-less I felt walking out those doors for the last time. Completion.

Deja and Charlie
Dej & Cool Charlie, The Sock Monkey

What cooler way to end the month than with Halloween festivities. It’s been a while since I’ve celebrated, but I did end my night curled up in bed munching on a bag of UTZ’s potato chips while watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which by the way is a cult classic and in no way scary at all. My younger self would disagree about the lack of horror though, it was just weird. There’s nothing like a non-romantic holiday to somehow still bring the sentimental side of me out. I kept thinking, if only I had someone to curl up and enjoy this movie with me how awesome would that be? Lucky for me my giant sock monkey named Charlie came to the rescue. What can be cooler than Charlie?


Not to mention that extra hour of sleep the universe allowed us to have, but of course I still managed to wake up at the crack of dawn and decided to start my day with breakfast in bed and a couple of episodes of The Flash with my dear friend Charlie, the Sock Monkey. There’s an art to learning how to stay in sometimes and relax and tune our. It’s the season in my life at the moment.

During my day in, I thought I should start the month with some goal setting that revolved around me pursuing writing full-time and branding myself as an entrepreneur since I have time to focus solely on that now. I’ve decided to enroll in a digital marketing certification course that I am excited to begin this month.

  • Brainstorm a website redesign and present that blueprint to web designers for estimated and quotes.
  • Finish my teen fiction and assemble a test reading group.
  • Continue the job hunt for editorial opportunities
  • Get a gym membership (in no way related to branding, but necessary)
  • Finish curriculum for Creative Writing Program to pilot at the community college.


Getting back to my spiel on completion, I came across a bird on my way home Friday. It wasn’t the usual sparrow, or pigeon or even a crow and I couldn’t figure out what it was, so I enlisted the help of my Merlin’s Bird ID app (major dork alert) to help me figure it out. Turns out it was a red-breasted Robin. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am heavily into nature and symbolic meanings, so I looked up the Native American meaning for Red Robins (felt the urge to sing yum after that) and I learned that they were very symbolic creatures amongst the Omaha tribes as they are symbols of new beginnings and bright futures. They are also birds of integrity. The Native Americans have attributed this bird with being mindful of the spoken word and are often times called upon during ceremonies and rituals to present the highest truth when speaking. Kind of where I am in my life at the moment, the red robin reminds us to shake off any negativity or stagnation and complacency and start living and enjoying life. They are a promise of new beginnings and bright futures ahead. Research showed me that they are spring birds, so I believe it was very odd and also symbolic that one had crossed my path is the chilly fall. I am really hopeful for this new season in my life and I know wholeheartedly that God is going to carry and sustain me.

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