Beathead Babe: Quiet Storm | Smokey Robinson

I woke up this morning, cracked a window to let some of the Fall breeze in, and lit a candle. I went to bed listening to an evening acoustics playlist on Spotify. It was like a lullaby luring a baby to sleep. Seriously, I woke up with those drool marks on my cheek. It was that serious, but this morning I was able to wake up in the most peaceful way ever. No anxiety or dread knowing that I have to go to work. So I needed a song as equally groovy and mellowing as the mood that I am in. So I decided to gamble with Pandora’s Motown classic station and this was the first song that came on. Perfect!

Yep I took it back to 1975, waaaaayyyyy before my time on this one. Lol not to mention when it first came on I thought that my fire alarm was going off. Haha. For those of you in route to the office, I wish you all a productive week and good vibes all around. For those of us working from home, I also wish you maximum productivity as being home can be a major distraction especially when you have a bed as comfy as mine within reach.


  1. Girl, what you know about the quiet storm?!? LOL This song takes me back to teenage years when WBLS would have a Thursday night quiet storm… They always started it with this one, and I would rush home from work just to sit back, relax and listen.


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