Beathead Babe: New Attitude | Patti LaBelle

What a weekend it’s been of pure comedy over these Patti Pie’s. When I saw that video by James Wright Chanel I had to watch it over and over again because I was just in awe of how he had the ability to channel Ms. LaBelle so effortlessly. Speaking of chaneling Ms. LaBelle, I read my horoscope every Sunday at noon from Refinery29 for the week and even though I don’t live my life accordingly, I do believe there are some coincidences and some great advice given in them. My horoscope told me that as we transition into the Sagittarius season, it’s time for me to de-clutter and clean house. So lately I’ve been rummaging through bins of clothes and cleaning out my closet. I’ve donated bags of clothes to the Salvation Army.

My horoscope also told me it’s time to purge myself of those toxic friendships or relationships that have been affecting me too much emotionally. That’s pretty simple, as my fall back game has always been strong (ha!), but I woke up on this Monday morning with a new attitude and an overwhelming excitement for all these opportunities coming my way. So I thought what better way than to channel my own LaBelle?


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