BeatHead Babe: Fight for Love | Kwabs

It’s such a dark and dreary Monday morning which is a complete change from the beautiful,sunny weather we got this past weekend. Oh BTW I turned 26 on Friday, so it’s been a pretty relaxing and fun weekend spending it with my family. I convinced my mother to make me a chocolate cake with sprinkles.


Anywho I woke up this morning extremely drained. It felt like someone took all my energy and sucked it out of me. I feel like I can use a couple more hours of sleep. I want to cancel Monday and just let my Tuesday be the start of my week, but of course WORK. So I did what I always do to pick myself up. I went to Spotify and checked out my Weekly Discoveries. I love those! I always find new and dope music to listen to and add to my library. The first song that came on was “Fight for Love” by Kwabs. I first stumbled on to Kwabs with his Willing and Able collab with Disclosure and I’ve been hooked ever since. He has such as strong dry voice. It’s like drinking smooth scotch and following it up with a strong cigar (not that I would know), but his stage presence is just as strong as his studio recorded voice and that’s what I love about Kwabs as an artist.

Hopefully this song will pick you up too if you find yourself hanging on to Monday for dear life.

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