BeatHead Babe: Life of a Lover | Theophilus London ft. Jesse Boykins III


I woke up in a mellow mood today. I realized how exhausting the holidays can be. I spend most of my week last week watching four kids under the age of 9, one being a toddler. My entire weekend was devoted to family, baking, cooking and eating. I somehow got sucked into Vampire Diaries on Netflix. It wasn’t a show I was really into because I was a True Blood fan and was biased, but I gave it a try and I liked it. I’ve learned a lot about myself this holiday season.

This song in particular, and Theo’s first mixtape “This Charming Mixtape” definitely invokes a feeling of nostalgia. It took me back to a good year in college. It was the year I finally embraced my artsy side and really started getting in to my media classes and I made a very eccentric group of friends and started to spend most of my free time in NYC, exploring. This mixtape and song had become the soundtrack to my journeys.

I am always here for a Theo and Jesse collab and I am anticipating the day they release and mixtape or project together. Like a full album maybe featuring Solange, and Dev Hynes from Blood Orange. Do you know how epic that would be?!

I had such a hard time deciding on a mellow track that I wanted to add a bonus. Don’t you hate when a dope track is only a minute long and you wished it was longer?!

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