Waking Up to Smell the Roses

My New Years was celebrated differently this year. I wasn’t at some bar, club or lounge in NYC turning up for the countdown toasting to a good year with champagne like I did last year. I wasn’t at a house party watching the BET countdown while playing board games and drinking games like the year before last. I wasn’t in the house of the Lord worshiping my way into the New Year like most of my childhood. I was home. Since moving back home, I’ve become such a social hermit, but I also blame the changing season literally and figuratively. I’m most lively during the spring and summer months and tend to hibernate when the weather starts to get cold. I found myself in the house more, on the train less, but in closing the year, I used that transitional period as a way to tie up loose ends for many projects that I started at the beginning of 2015. I did some re-edit on a book I published in December of 2014; I finished a children’s book and emailed a few book agents; I finally finished my program manual and I am 75 percent finished with my teen fiction. I should’ve been celebrating these accomplishments, but instead everything just went grey. I felt blah. like what do I do now…the answer was simple, start some new projects, but in that moment when the dust settled I was bored, stuck in an awful city, and feeling trapped. I stayed like that for three days. In a funk. Wandering around the house and sleeping. I text a few of my friends to talk to them about how I was feeling because I thought it was borderline depression or just a really extreme case of boredom.


One of them pointed out to me that my life is pretty freakin dope. Another one told me to think of January as a fresh start, a do over to anything I wish I could change. But then I started to replay all those things I had completed again and again in my head and I started to feel a lot better. I was focusing on the things I didn’t have rather than the things I did have. Sometimes in your down time, in those moments that you’re idle and in your thoughts learn to smell the roses and count your blessings. Here’s how:

Focus on the Smaller Details: 

It might be easier said than done, but I often think of the things that I asked for on a smaller scale. It’s common for us to be told to look at the bigger picture or focus on the end result, but in doing so we sometimes miss out on the smaller and finer details that make up the beautiful end piece.

Look around you. You may not be exactly where you want to be entirely, but you are a percentage of the way there and that’s better than zero.

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