The Beathead Babe: Moonchild | Rick James

My Monday was off to an awesome start! I woke up feeling energized and ready to take on the day. I had my medium Dunkin Donut’s Caramel Latte in my hand, my daily agenda mapped out and a full nights rest under my belt. Until…I couldn’t find my Stila Liquid eyeliner! Maaaaan, I don’t live my beauty products, but that brought me to a complete halt. Anyway, after tearing up my room looking for it, I decided to just carry on with my day.

You ever just hear a song that makes you  feel…GOOD? You don’t even pay attention to the lyrics, there’s just something about the flow that makes you feel invincible and just good on the inside. I needed the afternoon pick me up, especially since I hit that caffeine wall on a long train ride back to the other side of Jersey. I am a HUGE Rick James fan and while I should be dedicating my day musically to David Bowie (RIP) I had to let this song slip through.

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