#BlackGirlMagician |Nykidra Robinson of Black Girls Vote



When it comes to politics, I always find myself dreading having to take those extra miles to do my own research, but I know that it is necessary. Someone put it into perspective years ago when I entered the voting booth for the first time to decide between Obama and McCain (yes, my vote was apart of that history in the making), they said consider not voting also a vote. If you do not educate yourself on the potential candidates who will be running this country, if you opt out of voting, consider that a vote for the wrong person. So as I laid in bed this morning, I decided to do some Google research on candidates and the importance of the black vote. I came across an article in The Washington Post and when I opened it, to me it was a load of statistical, mathematical and data gibberish. The statistics were confusing, but the graphs said it all: THE BLACK VOTE IS A POWERFUL WEAPON, but I thought about all the people like me who have found themselves lost and confused in the political kool-aid and because of that decided not to vote. 

Black Girls Vote was founded by Nykidra “Nyki” Robinson after a man was shot and killed over the summer in Hanlon Park, not far from her home. Registering people to vote — especially young African-American women — is part of the 33-year-old’s plans to help change her Northwest Baltimore neighborhood and others. She wants to use the nonprofit to improve public schools, the job market and access to health care. Even though Robinson believes in the power of the black vote for women, she often trains and assist ALL individuals on how to register as voters and keep up to speed on community politics and national politics. 


“It’s a new year. It’s time for new things. We can’t sit back and make excuses,” Robinson said in an interview with The Baltimore Sun. “Our vote is our voice. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a GED, or if you have a PhD, we’re all the same.”

The nonpartisan group is planning “pop up events,” like the one Friday, at hair salons, nail parlors, restaurants and big box stores. 

Read the full story here. Way to go Nykidra! You are truly a #BlackGirlMagician

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