There is seriously a special place in Heaven for people who can reaaallly cook. There are also many things that can be associated with my name (positive things I may add)…greedy being one of them. I’d like to think of myself as a foodie who just has a deep appreciation for simple cuisines, exotics cuisines and what the hell is this cuisines. I will try anything once. When it comes to sweets, that another chapter for another day and it doesn’t help that my mom is a baker. What’s worst is every winter, I manage to add a little fluff to my hips and thighs, this year I PROMISED it wouldn’t get me this winter, but I digress. I always say I would love to marry a man who can really cook, but judging by the fluff that’s accumulated around my waist area, I’m starting to rethink that (it’s okay, you can laugh).

I’ve become less social when the winter cold starts to surface which means weekends in lounging on the couch, watching episodes of Chopped, Iron Chef, Cupcake Wars and then surfing the web for some amazing loft aesthetic and food blogs *can you tell I’m drooling*

  1. Stephanie Le from IAM_5675w-2

This woman has a satisfying way of turning food into an art form. I was planning a breakfast for a few friends so I was doing a bit of research on fancy recipes and I stumbled on to her recipe for Crispy Coconut Waffles with Mangos because everyone knows how much I love waffles, which reminds me that I have to get an updated waffle maker. Although you might look at her recipes and think they’re impossible to make without a culinary degree, they actually are pretty simple. There’s rarely an unknown ingredient you can’t just get at your local supermarket, not to mention she has lots of soup dishes loaded with veggies. Oh and…I love her hair as well! Colored hair rocks!

2. Wendy & Jess from

Wendy and Jess

So once upon a time, certainly long ago, I had adopted a vegetarian lifestyle. It was around the time I went natural five years ago. When I made the choice to go natural I also adopted a healthy eating lifestyle and cut out meats from my diet. As a broke recent graduate from college, I had no idea what to eat and that’s when I stumbled on to Food Heaven Made Easy. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a cooking bone in your body, their recipes are simple and they even have a YouTube channel that gives you visual instructions on how to cook and prevent yourself from chopping off a finger in the process.

3. Sydney Kramer of The Crepes of Wrath

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 4.21.53 PM

This is a woman who knows how to party and she must be clever with a name like The Crepes of Wrath (round of applause if you’ve read The Grapes of Wrath). For those of you that appreciate a good platter of wings to go with that beer, or a nice greasy burger, or a sugary doughnut, or a nice hearty soup (there goes that winter fluff), you will absolutely appreciate this comfort food site. It’s also a wonderful lifestyle blog that will make you smile.

4. Jeanine from LoveandLemons525568fe697ab06bad000c70._w.540_h.360_s.fit_.jpg

I might as well you know….renew my V-card…my vegetarian card (you have such a dirty mind) because even though I do crave an occasional burger and my weakness are extra spicy buffalo wings I definitely lean more towards vegetable and veggie based meals like these in Love and Lemon. When I first went all veg on everybody I thought it was going to be a difficult journey because I thought it was going to be expensive, but there’s really nothing expensive about stocking up on vegetables, nuts, beans, etc. It’s all about the absence of meats and there are loads of protein filled alternatives that are affordable. I also think it’s pretty awesome that her husband makes guest appearances in the kitchen with her.

5. Joy at Joy the Bakerjoy-the-baker-nordstrom-beauty-spot-4

I think I’ll go out on a limb and start my road to recovery now…or not, but I am a serious junk food addict. I don’t even know why they call it junk because it’s like heaven in your mouth. However, if you find yourself in the more Northern and Northeastern states this weekend, we are anticipating a snowstorm and I know when I’m stuck inside I like to bake, drink loads of tea, binge on Netflix and sleep (so unhealthy). So of course I have to have my sweets. Joy the Baker is an amazing pastry, cake, cookie and pie chef among other things with NOLA flair. She made headlines in the pop culture, music industry recently with her Drake Cakes which I bet tasted as amazing as they looked. I just hope you didn’t get too in your feelings as you sliced a piece of that cake (see what I did there).

So if I were you I would race to the nearest grocery store, supermarket, bakery, wherever and stock the pantry! It’s supposed to be a bitter cold weekend full of snow and by full I mean probably two inches if you’re in Jersey (#SHADE).


One thought on “Five Foodies You’d Want to Know on Snow Days

  1. This is my first post I’m reading on your blog and I am already in love. I mean a blog that talks about food immediately in my face is a win for me! lol I am going to have check these websites out (minus the last one cause I am trying to get away from sugar… I have a such a sweet tooth!). I just became vegetarian again this week and I need to try to some cool new recipes to add to my toolkit whenever I am deciding on what to have for the week. Thanks for this wonderful list! And lol at the shade. I totally get it. I’m in Philly and I’m a little skeptical about this blizzard myself.


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