BeatHead Babe: Really Love | D’Angelo

Happy Sunday annnnnnnd Happy Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day. It’s been a while since I’ve had one and of course my Valentine would be in a different area code. Anywho, even though it’s freezing in Jersey (11 degrees) the sunny is shining and makes for a beautiful day. So as the sun shines bright against my yellow bedroom walls lighting and warming up my room I feel love. Not to mention my babe speaks my language: music. So I got a premium Spotify subscription and a wireless Bluetooth coming in the mail. How awesome is that? I’ve never been one to ask for anything, but it’s so cool.


I’ve been on a D’Angelo kick for the past two weeks and now I can listen on Spotify and skip as many songs as I want and listen to whatever song I want without having to hear an entire album and hope it shuffles to that song. The first song was “Really Love” by D’Angelo and even though I have to admit this album was a bit hard to understand phonetically, the vibes are still there. I know that I am in love and this song is the perfect beginning to my week. 

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