The Beauty and The Brains

In my quest to understand men from men, I stumbled across an article that was headlined as “Pretty Woman’s Face is Like Cocaine to the Male Brain.” I thought about the countless arguments that take place on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about this created binary that pretty women usually lack intelligence and that smart and intelligent women usually aren’t seen as attractive, but as intimidating to men making them undatable. So I surveyed my think tank of men inquiring about their thoughts on the matter:

Phonto (8)

I don’t think it’s rare… Pretty and intelligent are both subject to opinion and personal level of intellect. ~29

Society and the media propagates that pretty girls spend so much time being pretty they aren’t intellectually aware. And the opposite, intelligent girls are always in a book and not using makeup, doing their hair or shopping. Look at some of the original rom-coms. ~30

I think the media is to blame for this. The media is constantly telling us what is “beautiful” and what is “intelligent”. That is a very unusual debate to be having to me because what is intelligent and beautiful varies from person to person and culture to culture. I think everyone has both qualities in their own way. ~27

I look for both! I think it is indeed a “rare” occasion where you find both, but I do know it’s out here. ~28

Phonto (10)

You gotta go for the one that’s more mentally stimulating…you’ll recognize the natural beauty in that..physical beauty can eventually wear off. ~25

I asked my Dad why his first marriage didn’t work out. He simply looked at me and asked, “Son, would you share your life and your bed with a beautiful fool?”…I think he was trying to quote Coming to America or something…but still lol ~24

I need that conversation. ~23

I’d definitely have to go with the woman with more brains. You can’t fix that…lol! If her body is okay, then we can work with that as there are plenty of ways to stimulate attraction to the outer appearance, but if she can’t hold a conversation, I can’t get with it. ~27

She’s gotta have good conversation. ~23

I honestly say get what you want. It’s perfectly okay to put both of them in the FRIEND ZONE!!! ~29

I think it’s safe to say that beauty and intelligence are two things that are both relative in the eyes of the beholder. So can a woman be beautiful AND intelligent? Yes, yes she can and it seems that more men prefer her with an arsenal of knowledge.

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