What He Thinks About Your Body Image.

1401822906000-1395-v3Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. This dieting often transitions into poor eating habits due to under-eating. I recall watching an episode of “The Real” and I was listening to a conversation between Tamara Mowry-Housley and Tamar Braxton about self-esteem and how it starts for children as young as five. For women it can last well up to old age. Think about it, you never see beauty ads and campaigns on “anti-aging” methods and phenomenons targeting men. They’re always targeting women and sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We hate our weight, we hate our stretch marks, we hate that our hair isn’t a certain texture, we hate that our face structure isn’t sharper and the list goes on. With so many movements now geared towards self-love and self-esteem building for women, I thought about the men who love us and what our body image and self-image does to them. I thought about what they thought.


“I think women stress too much about cleavage and butt not being the “right size.” I’d tell her, just as I have before, you are made just as you should be. And if anything is suppose to look differently then let it happen naturally” ~29

“Definitely their butt. It has gotten so bad that women are willing to get a zillion butt injections. To me its sad. Do I like a nice round curvaceous booty? Yes. But even more I love a woman who is confident in how God already made her.” ~37

“Women stress a lot about their stomachs or guts if you will. Society has painted an image that the flatter the better. But that’s not the case. Although guys may have a preference for the flat belly there are some who prefer bigger women where the gut doesn’t matter. Some guys have no physical preference at all. As long as she’s cool to vibe with. I say love yourself.”~25

“Stretch marks, a few gray hairs, weight gain, etc..what I always say is if you want to change something about yourself or make small improvements, go ahead..but make sure you truly love yourself and know that the right man will see past that and love you regardless”~25

“Personally, I don’t think anything is stressed too much with body image issues expanding and changing with each commercial and movie. I do however think that as long as you are comfortable in your own skin, the rest will take care of itself.”~29

“Some women stress too much about having their make up perfect. Women that I have dealt with in the past would take so much time trying to get the make up perfect that we would miss our reservation at a restaurant. I honest prefer my lady make-up less”~27

Body image is something that I still deal with no matter how sure of myself I may seem. I’ve been battling weight issues all my life and I am finally getting to a place where I am becoming more and more content and focused on being healthy rather than skinny. It’s nice to have some male reassurance from the person you love, but remember that if you can’t find the space to love and care for yourself what someone else offers won’t make much of a difference because body image starts in the mind…it’s start with the way we think.


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