Even though I’m not a member of the BeyHive, the one thing I’ve always admired about Beyonce is her creativity, her words and her work ethic. She is definitely solidifying her place as one of the greatest female entertainers of all time. I didn’t watch Lemonade on Saturday, it’s official air date, I watched it Sunday morning before church. After seeing all the buzz it generated around the drama of the infidelity rumors and “working” for Solange and seeing all the talk in the list serv, I decided let me just watch it and see what it’s all about. So my boyfriend and I found it OnDemand and sat through almost an hour of what I can only describe as a powerful declaration of Beyonce’s womanhood. I felt every single song and visual. I felt proud. I felt like I was able to look past her as an entertainer and see her at her core. Her most vulnerable. She took us through every stage of her process dealing with her husband’s infidelity. I felt her emotions guys. All of them.

Lemonade has generated so many reviews and opinions from different perspective. People have bashed Rachel Roy, Rachel Ray, made speculations, etc. but this response in particular touched me to my soul. Like I felt them tears. I felt every word that was said by this man. Because he is someone who truly gets it Lord.This response came from “James” a internet celebrity known for his commentary on feminist, gender and black issues. He posted a video of himself on Tumblr shedding real tears with the comment:

If you ain’t feel that…you don’t have feelings!!!


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