Blossoming Into Womanhood with Q.Gibson

IMG_1304I had the pleasant opportunity to meet Quanishia (Q. Gibson) through a mutual friend on Instagram and I was immediately drawn to her self-empowering and inspirational posts. Not to mention, I put out a “911” alerts asking for assistance during a cram session, from someone well versed in social media marketing and she answered immediately.

She recently made her debut with a collection of writing (The Flowering Woman: Becoming and Being), where she sheds light on self acceptance, love, hurt, healing and the many ups and downs of blossoming into a woman. Uplifting, encouraging and at times deep enough to swim in, she pours into her work with commitment and transparency.


Q: What do you feel is your life’s calling?

I feel that my life’s calling is to serve women. Whether it be through my writing, art, serving as part of an organization or even in conversation with women I hope to do work that strikes them and leaves an impact on their lives. 

Q: Are you doing that for a living?

For a living I am a digital campaign coordinator in the marketing world. Yet in my creative life I am a writer and an artist. I am not ashamed to say that I write for women. Though this isn’t exclusive, men do find their place in a lot of my work. I do hope that I can strike a nerve somewhere within the female spirit and help them even a bit on their journeys. I do photography, draw and paint when I am not writing and most of the time my subjects are women. 

Q: What are some pivotal moments that have helped you become a better woman?

Some pivotal moments that have helped me to become a better woman happened at home with four sisters and my mother. The experience is something only life can teach. You get to see first hand how the other young girls around you are becoming women just as you are becoming a woman. My mother also had my oldest sister at twenty and me at twenty-one so even watching her come into a woman raising us has made a huge impact on me. I never really thought about how she too was in her own process of coming into womanhood while raising us . Now that I am older and writing more it is awe-inspiring just to think about the character, sacrifices, and qualities of my mothers and sisters. They inspire me to be myself and to be a woman that cares about more than only herself. 

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Q: What and/or who motivates you to create?

A lot of things motivate me to create. I am very inspired by music. I am currently into the band Moonchild and I love Daniel Caesar. I am also inspired a lot by plants and plant life as well as visuals. I have a knack for vintage images or black and white, things that allow me not to forget the past or takes to a place of nostalgia. 

FullSizeRender (30)Q: Why do you think it is important for you to continue doing what you’re doing?

For me to continue doing what I am doing as far as writing and creating I believe it is important to surround yourself with people who are both dreamers and doers. It keeps you grounded. Not only are you surrounding yourself with people who understand you and uplift you in your creative journey but you are also surrounding yourself with logic and people who can actually steer you along the way. It is one thing to dream without direction and another to dream with it. My friends and family are everything to me, they get me, they understand my life and I am always talking about how blessed I am to have been given these people. 

Q: What advice would you tell yourself 10 years ago on the importance of dreaming?

Ten years ago I would’ve been sixteen, what an age. I’ve always been a dreamer. Always into something or thinking up ideas that are new and exciting. I would’ve probably told myself how important it is to have direction with a dream. It’s one thing to want to do or be something and another to get that dream into motion. I’m from the inner city of Cleveland and you’d be surprised how amazing and daring the dreams of the inner-city youth are and how limited they are with resources and guidance to getting those dreams out into the world. Direction and guidance with a dream are important factors.

Q: You recently published a book, what was that process like for you?

Yes I did. Putting a book out there into the world was super scary. Especially writing from an innermost place like where The Flowering Woman came from, which is the title of the book. It caused me to look a lot at myself, who I am, where I’ve been and where other women around me stood. What’s crazy is I’d just set out to write, to cleanse, to renew and that book was the aftermath. The writing process was really fluid for me over the months because I had a clear idea of what I wanted to say and what I had been through; I wanted that to resonate with what was going on in the lives of other women. Women deal with a lot as do all humans on a daily basis. It’s refreshing to hear the stories of other women and see that somewhere my life meshes with theirs in some way. I actually self-published the book which has been a wonderful process and I am not too sure yet if I would like to stay an indie author or continue the path towards traditional publishing.

Q: What success have you had with your book?

Success? Hmmm. That’s a good question. I think there are so many definitions of success and my idea of it may not be as worldly as you could imagine. Just the thought that it is complete and out there for women to soak in and connect with is success for me. The fact that women are sharing The Flowering Woman with their sisters, friends, co-workers, those gestures hold so much significance to me. As far as other types of success some wonderful moments have been selling two-hundred copies the first month in February thanks to the support of everyone. Also being featured as editors choice for Afroelle Magazine and just being shared across social platforms. With  the Kindle release of the book I was able to be featured as a Hot New Release in women’s poetry on Amazon which was pretty cool. It may be a small scratch on the surface but it was really a humbling experience. I do aspire to be more than a momentary writer, to dig deeper into literature with my work and to create a world where my work will live on beyond me. That will  be my idea of success.
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Q: What can we expect from you in the near future?

I’m working on my second book so stay tuned! 

Q: Any gems you would like to drop for young black girls who are still reaching?

You are worthy. I am not anti any race at all and I love people from all diverse backgrounds, but I do think it is vital for us as women in this generation to ensure young black girls that they are worthy. Worthy of reaching , achieving higher goals, exceeding expectations, forgiveness, self-love, other love, right love. There are many young black girls in our era who have the guidance they need and many who don’t. Many who don’t have any one in their corner rightly loving and encouraging them. Telling them that they are appreciated for who they are , where they are.   I just want them to know that they are appreciated, young black girls are precious and it is up to us to preserve them.

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