So I’m just gonna tell on myself and my boyfriend. Yesterday we had a very unhealthy “lunch” of fried chicken and french fries from a local chicken shack in Baltimore. It was soooooooo good, but very heavy and literally five hours after eating it we still felt full and sluggish as if we had JUST eaten, that’s when we both said…we gotta do better. So I sat down and made a very healthy grocery list and attached it to the fridge with a magnet so that whenever we needed to shop we always had a blueprint. We found a mini booklet of all the healthy eating spots in Baltimore should we decide to eat out one night and decided no more junk!

Now, I would consider myself a Chipotle addict despite the health issues they’ve been having. I could eat Chipotle everyday, but I’m sure my bank account wouldn’t appreciate that kind of hurting on it, so I stumbled upon the next best thing, Buddha Bowls on Instagram via So Buddhalicious.

What is a Buddha bowl?

How do you build a Buddha bowl?


Seriously, there’s levels to making a delicious Buddha Bowl, but they’re very filling AND they help regulate your metabolism while storing key nutrients that provide energy among other things.

Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl (via The Minimalist Baker)


The Big Vegan Bowl (via Oh She Glows)


Forbidden Rice “Superfood” Salad (via Get Off Your Tush and Cook)


Falafel Bowl (via Pinch of Yum)


Spicy Mango and Avocado Rice Bowl (via Love & Lemons)


For someone who hates the robotics of meal prepping as I do, these are definitely some mix and match style recipes that can change daily. We haven’t decided whether we wanted to go completely vegan or ease our way into vegetarianism, but we definitely agreed on eating a lot more of nature’s goodness and less meats and besides throwing together a bowl of veggies should be simple enough for someone who doesn’t cook (side-eye to him). These meals also give me an excuse to shop for cute bowls. I’m becoming quite an Etsy addict.

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