Why I’m Going for the Gold

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Lately I’ve had this unstoppable mindset. The mindset of “I can. I will.” The last time I was this amped up to go for the gold, I was a junior in college, teetering on a 4.0 GPA and seriously hellbent on making the Dean’s List. It’s only June and so many great things have happened to me: I’ve written for the Huff Post, celebrated a year with Madame Noire, offered commentary for a documentary, established myself as a published author, gotten hired by Upscale Magazine and the list goes on…

Even in the midst of those things I haven’t been confident in my accomplishments because I always feel like I could be doing so much more. That attitude alone has caused me to miss out on seeing the blessings that have been there in front of me. It’s caused me to focus on what’s not rather than what is. I’ll be honest with you guys, I’ve been cutting corners lately. I’ve been doing just enough to get by. I’ve been cutting it close on deadlines. I’ve fumbled a few times on my manuscripts and dropped them even. I’ve convinced myself that I’m tired. I’ve gotten sucked into the easy part of working from home, the lazy part. A few weeks ago, I decided to end that. The irony that my morning message from Saved in the City read:

Opportunities to compromise and cut corners will arise but maintain your integrity and watch God bless you! Proverbs 20:7

I got goals and they’re covered in gold. I lost momentum, but I’ve found my second wind. Sometimes going for gold is a marathon. It’s not a quick 100 yard dash Sometimes the only person running the race is you and that’s okay, you can better pace yourself. I’m pacing myself and I’m going for the gold. I’m treating everything in my life from this point on as gold. Gold for me is finishing my manuscript. I am currently 200 pages in and 63,059 words closer to finishing!

What are some golden things in your life? What’s waiting at the finish line for you?


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