You ever “meet” someone on social media and they become your best friend…in your mind? Like you just love that person’s entire life and wish that you could pull up a chair with them and collaborate on something…anything! Well, that happened me to. Amazing author, lyricist and educator Erica Buddington, formerly known as RivaFlowz launched a #BlogToBook Guest Author series where she selected a few aspiring authors to use her platform to get their work published. Through guidance and editing expertise, the aim is to help writers self-publish a body of fiction. So I went out on a limb and decided why  not pitch my story idea and I was excited to see that I was selected.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Synopsis: What if it were possible to create the perfect man? June had life all planned out. She excelled in her career, she had a nice apartment in Harlem and longevity in her relationship until he threw her for a loop days before a couple’s vacation to New Orleans. Lonely and heartbroken, June learns what it means to be chosen by the magic of NOLA. Given a wish, she sets out to create the perfect man, but soon learns that black magic always comes with a price. 

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