It’s Monday and I woke up this morning in total bliss knowing that it wasn’t 4AM, and I wasn’t rushing to the train station to Newark for work. I have the entire week off from work and I’ve decided to use this time to spend less money, stay idle, relax and catch up on my own projects. So I’ve decided to make this a staycation. In the comfort of my home, but here are some essentials to make it a relaxing…and possibly lazy week.


Who am I kidding? Only two of these things are realistic at this point in my life and that’s tea and cereal. Blah, but IF I had a boo and a puppy that would be my entire day and since I’m not one to waste a day my first essential for a staycation are:



To know me is to know that I have a serious book addiction. Unlike Starbucks or Uber rides, books fill up my entire bank statement. I should probably get help for that, but I can’t help that fact that books are a very inexpensive vacation for me. I am currently finishing up Difficult Women by Roxane Gay. I’ve had the book since January, but because of work and grad school haven’t had much time to read for pleasure, so you can imagine the amount of unopened books just lying around my room. Seriously, my room is a literary mess.

img_1417Spa Essentials

The perfect way to relax is to pamper yourself because when you look good, you feel good. I love to pamper myself by giving myself a manicure and pedicure. My favorite fresh face essential is fresh rose mask and toner kit. I am a sucker for Lush products and cosmetics that aren’t harsh on the skin and sometimes I’d rather soak in some essential oils like Lavender instead of taking a quick shower.

img_0138Charged Laptop

I don’t watch a lot of television even though I’ve managed to get sucked into This Is Us (seriously, Sterling K. Brown is bae), but I do Netflix and Hulu like crazy whether it’s catching up on The Mindy Project, Broad City, or Stranger Things, but when I feel like getting a little work done, I need my charged laptop to work on my manuscript too. I have the week off from work and some deadlines to meet by the end of the month. What are some projects you currently have?


Seriously, my personal trainer will probably kill me because of this, but what’s a day in without some snacks? I mean it’s popcorn and pretzels, not cake and cookies, but still…snacks in moderation can’t be too harmful right? Right?!

So whether you’re chilling at your house, grandma’s house, bae’s house, your parent’s house for a staycation these are some must haves to keep near. Enjoy your day and if you are lucky like me to work in education and have the week off…turn off those email notifications, social media alerts, slack alerts and enjoy your week!



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