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It was 2016, I was 26, unemployed with a Bachelor and Master’s degree and an amazing digital portfolio…sitting at home, chasing freelance gigs to keep my bills paid, trying to figure my life out. Some would call it a quarter life crisis, but looking back, I just think God had me in a position where he wanted me to sit still, regroup and get back to the drawing board. That summer of 2016, I thought of Curate Your Life. It was a simple phrase that I applied to my own life that was more uplifting than just kicking myself and telling myself to get my shit together, but then I started thinking about this “quarter life crisis” and how common it was for us to often find ourselves in a place of questioning ourselves and it doesn’t start at 25…the first quarter of life. It starts at 10 and then again at 13 and then again at 15 and 16 and again at 18 and 21 and so on until the flowers, along with our bodies have been laid to rest.


But that summer, I was just so miserable. I had finally gotten the freedom I wanted from 9 to 5 life, but the money wasn’t right to help me fund my dreams. I was broke. Had all the time in the day, but no money to do anything with it. So I went back to work. I got a teaching job that required me to go back to grad school yet again. Reluctantly I accepted because I wanted to get the experience of teaching and saw it as a bridge to my goals, but the school part, I didn’t want.

As the months went on and 2017 rolled around, Curate Your Life became more tangible. The opportunities began to pop up for me to insert myself at the right places at the right times. The networking and tribe building leveled up to newer heights and I sat and wondered…why do I need school right now? Is it really necessary to accumulate more debt and stress myself out for a piece of paper to validate what God had already confirmed in my life months ago?

I had to put impulsive Deja aside and really sit and think strategically about all of this. By nature, I am not a quitter, but given the amount of stress and emotional turmoil I found myself dealing with because of grad school, I felt it was in my best interest to withdraw. God has already validated Curate Your Life for me, he has already given me so many visions to fuel my drive, he has already told me what it was gonna be, so once again I had to sit myself down and listen.

I say all of that to say, when God had given you a purpose or a gift, sure you might want to rush the process and do things your own way, or you might want to walk away from certain things because they just don’t make sense at the moment, but remember if it is so, the Universe will act and respond accordingly.


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