BeatHead Babe: Green Aphrodisiac | Corinne Bailey Rae


Today was off to a slow start with the dark, rain and gloomy feeling of exhaustion that comes with Mondays, but it turned out to be an almost sunny day by noon and the weather picked up a notch to a warmer temperature, so I took that as an opportunity to take a walk in the hopes of walking off the pain from my weekend workout.

I tend to do this thing where I’ll put my headphones on and turn the volume up really loud and walk and sight see things I’ve already seen, but in my mind, I’m walking in a music video (don’t judge me, you do it too). I love this song by CBR. I have been a huge fan of hers since “Put Your Records On” and her albums just become more and more soulful as she evolves as an artist.

I think there’s a cool coincidence that my favorite color is green and me and my love have this thing where we’re both into extraterrestrial things and space and astrology to which neither of us has studied, but it’s so interesting. Anyway, this is an amazingly soulful tune that will mellow you in a gooood way and turn those dreary vibes into chill ones.


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