There’s An App For That | Project Dragonfruit

Move over Alex Hitchens there’s a new date doctor in town. Somewhere on the interwebs a genius scientist has created something that’ll allow you’re geekiness to flourish. A digital land for your cosplay dreams to be a 24/7 reality. Out with the days of being a shamed Eagle Scout. Here are the days where a man (or woman) spending days battling the worst pokemon or running through hours of “Call of Duty” is the new “Netflix and Chill.”

If you’re looking for a life partner as devoted to finding the seven dragonballs as you and believe you have a strong connection to the growth of Goku; If you’re ever looking for someone to spend the rest of your comic con days with; If ever you need someone to be the Kagome to your InuYasha…there’s an app for that.

Seriously, the people over at Dragonfruit have created an online database and dating site, soon to be app for all your geek love to prosper. In their blogosphere they tackle everyday dating topics such as anxiety, first dates, long distance relationships, but even feature topics such as Cosplay Connection and a Relationship Help Desk.



Do you ever feel like you just don’t fit?  Your family doesn’t understand your interests, and why even bother to tell your coworkers what you’re doing this weekend, right?  Only your friends, the ones who share your geekiness, really get you.

Geeks can have a hard time finding friends who share their interests (although it’s getting better all the time) and an even harder time finding that special someone.

Although it is still in Beta, Dragonfruit is looking forward to launching their dating app in both iOS and Android format. However, you can still sign up for an account on the web betaThis dating site makes geekdom as cool as the days of Lambda Lambda Lambda.


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